Lay-Down Acrylic Walk-In Tubs

Introducing Ella’s Acrylic Lay Down Walk-In Tubs – the epitome of style and safety. Read More

These luxurious bathtubs feature a unique tempered glass inward swing door with a brushed finish aluminum frame, offering a modern and sophisticated touch to your bathroom. 

The central placement of the door allows for a wider glass screen option and more convenient access compared to competitor doors placed on the side. Additionally, the vertical tub wall design provides a wider interior floor and minimizes slip and fall hazards often associated with curved walls in standard bathtubs during entry and exit.

Choose from two spacious sizes – 32″ x 72″ and 30″ x 60″ – to suit your preferences and bathroom dimensions. Customize your bathing experience with multiple jetting options for enhanced relaxation. Revel in the modern elegance of the glass and steel low-threshold door, which elevates both form and function. Furthermore, benefit from the vertical tub wall design, which creates more interior tub space and reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents when entering and exiting the tub. Enjoy the stylish inward swing glass door, seamlessly blending aesthetics and practicality. And for added convenience, you can opt to include a bi-fold tempered glass screen for showering.

Transform your bathing experience with Ella’s Acrylic Lay Down Walk-In Tubs, where contemporary design meets unparalleled safety and comfort.

Standard 2″ drain

Lay-down Acrylic Walk-in Bathtubs

30″W x 60″L

Lay-down Acrylic Walk-in Bathtubs

32″W x 72″L

Standard 2″ drain

Lay Down Walk In Tub Important Dimensions

  Laydown 30×60 Laydown 32×72
Dimensions of Tub (W x L x H) 30″ x 60″ x 22″ 32″ x 72″ x 21″
Floor Dimensions (W x L) 20″ x 46″ 22″ x 54″
Width of Door 16.5″ 16.5″


Lay Down Walk In Tub Information

  Laydown 30×60 Laydown 32×72
Gallons USA (Unoccupied) 61 75
Gallons USA (Occupied) 30-50 35-55
Suggested Water Heater* 75* 75*
Approximate Drainage Time** +/- 80 seconds +/- 80 seconds
Drain/Door Location Center Center
Product Net Weight (LBS) 160 205

*Suggested water heater size for a household with only a single bather. A household with any additional bathers should consider the next size available water heater.
**Approximate Drainage Time is under ideal plumbing conditions, your drainage times may vary.


Lay Down Walk In Tub Features & Benefits

  Laydown 30×60 Laydown 32×72
Grab Bar(s) 0 0
Thermostatic Control Valve No No
Water Supply Lines 1/2″ 1/2″
Pull Out Hand Mixer Hose N/A Yes
Textured Floor Yes Yes
Number of Access Panels 3 3
Hydro Jets 8 8
Air Jets 20 20
In-line Water Heater H H
Ozone Sterilization H H
Auto-Purge A A
Heated Seat Optional Optional

*Options: S – Soaking, A – Air Massage, H – Hydro Massage, M – Microbubble Therapy