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Maintain independence, enjoy therapeutic features, from the safety and comfort of your own home with Ella’s Bubbles acrylic walk-in bathtubs. Assembled, tested, and jetted in Chicago.

Maintain independence, enjoy therapeutic features, from the safety and comfort of your own home with Ella’s Bubbles acrylic walk-in bathtubs. Assembled, tested, and jetted in Chicago.

Enjoy a powerful foot massage in minutes without filling the entire tub. The Ella innovative Independent Foot Massage is available on most Ella models.

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Ella Ultimate walk-in tub with foot massage

The Ella brand walk-in bathtubs with an inward swing door was our first developed product. Since 2008, we have perfected this door style to your liking. The quality brushed stainless steel finish door with frosted tempered glass adds a contemporary design and sleek look to the tub. Additionally, the detachable feature is engineered for easy access and cleaning. The Ella walk-in bathtub with an inward swing door is the most popular consumer choice.

outward-swing door walk in tub

Ella U-shape outward swing door walk-in tubs main feature is the door made with industrial grade durable plastic composite material and decorative tempered glass screen front cover. This door is engineered to open outward, giving the bather maximum space inside the walk-in tub to facilitate easy access upon entering and exiting. Additionally, the extra space gives bathers ultimate comfort, creating a high demand for these walk-in tubs.

2 Seat Walk-in Tub

We pioneered the first ever luxury bathtub for two. This unique design is especially helpful in assisted bathing, or used to create an unforgettable and relaxing experience for you and your loved one. Each model features two molded seats and a centered swing door. The Companion model walk-in tub is equipped with a brushed stainless steel finish inward swing door, while the Tub4Two & Big4Two is fitted with a U-shape outward swing door for easy access.

Wheelchair Accessible Walk-In Tubs

With Transfer wheelchair accessible walk-in tubs, the bather can conveniently open the L-shaped, aluminum frame outward swing door for an easy passage. The wide entry point is especially helpful for elderly with mobility issues and wheelchair users because it allows the bather to effortlessly hold onto the deck and wall-mounted grab bars, as they slide in or out of the soft, warm to touch acrylic molded seat. This is the premiere choice for bathers with spacious bathrooms.


Our lay-down walk-in tubs have a unique tempered glass inward swing door with a brushed finish aluminum frame. The sleek door was designed in the center of the tub to establish a vertical tub wall, creating a wider interior floor space opposed to that of a standard curvature wall. This, along with a low step-in threshold and textured floors, may reduce the chances of tripping and slipping when standing in, showering, and entering or exiting the tub. An optional glass shower screen is available to make your tub more shower-like.


The Ella brand 4-fold shower screen is the best option in the industry for walk-in tubs because of the foldable feature that’s not offered with a standard shower glass or curtains. This gives bathers an airy, open feeling with the option to easily push the screen aside. The lightweight glass, secured in an aluminum frame with quality gear hinges, is sturdy enough to endure rigorous daily use.

Ella Shower Column Kit for Walk-In Tub Deck Mount Faucets

The shower column kit connects to a diverter on an Ella brand 2 or 5 piece deck mounted faucet in order to create an extended overhead shower. The stainless steel, chrome finish column can be modified up to 7 feet tall. Along the column is a vertically movable, 5 mode multi-functional hand shower, and attached at the top is a large, adjustable rain-shower head. This shower column kit replaces the need for a wall-mounted shower-head.

Ella’s Bubbles offers Cultured Marble wall surrounds, specifically designed for walk-in tubs or showers enclosures. Our easy mount adhesive shower wall panels and surrounds are available in most popular colors and patterns, from contemporary to classic styles. Ella brand cultured marble wall surrounds give your bathroom a luxurious look and have a natural feel that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Experience an instant, in-home foot massage with the brand new Hydro + Independent Foot Massage option in just minutes!

With two independently run pumps, you can enjoy a full body massage, or an independent foot massage within minutes of filling the foot well up the seat level. The foot massage system includes a hydro pump with an in-line water heater. Both the strategically positioned upper and lower jets powered by two hydro pumps have an intensity dial air control to adjust the strength of the water pressure to your liking from a gentle pressure to a more rigorous massage.

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