Microbubble Therapy Pet Spa Bath Tub


Size: 31″ W x 57″L (152cm x 145cm)

A variety of four legged friends can can convenient walk into the revolutionary Ella Microbubble Pet Spa Bathtub, and is found in veterinary clinics, pet care facilities, homes, and grooming locations worldwide. Equipped with an efficient Infusion Microbubble Therapy, pet health is a top priority as the extended hand mixer reduces the risk of skin disease, ticks/flees, and other irritations. Each Pet Spa Bath Tub includes a removable platform to accommodate any size pet, allowing easy access and comfortable bathing for your dog, cat, or other furry companion. Pet health is of top priority, and with the Ella Microbubble Pet Spa Bathtub your beloved animal can enjoy a healthier life while enjoying the ease of convenient bathing.


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