Does A Walk-in Tub Add Value To A House?

Deluxe Walk-in Tub 2023 – 29.5″ X 55″ (75cm X 140cm)

Confused about whether or not to add a walk-in tub to your house?

As a responsible homeowner, selecting the best style bathtub for your bathroom while staying practical and keeping in mind safety and comfort is very important. This is especially true when it comes to your bathtub and shower. After talking to the leading experts in home improvement and interior design, we have compiled this article to help you make the right choice. But before answering the main question, let’s discuss what exactly a walk-in bathtub is and how it can add value to your home!

What Is A Walk-in Tub?

A walk-in bathtub is a tub that comes with a watertight door that allows the person to step into the tub easily without worrying about safety issues. Once the bather walks in the tub, you can close the door and then the tub gets filled with water and you can bathe normally. After draining the water, the bather can open the door and come out safely.

These bathtub models are generally taller and they are available in different sizes and features that fit the needs of every homeowner and housing style.

Does A Walk-in Tub Add Value To A House?

The answer to this question is definitely not a straightforward one. It depends on certain factors such as the location of your house, the people living inside and also the potential buyers.

Walk-in tubs add great value to a home if there are elderly and physically disabled individuals residing in it. It increases safety and adds convenience to the bather. Further, if your house is situated in an area that is popular with senior citizens, or if the potential buyers are elderly, the addition of a walk-in tub will be rewarding. Anyone would love to pay extra for this useful addition.

However, if your house is being selected by people who’d like to have a regular bathtub more, the addition of the walk-in tub will not add any value to your home because the new homeowners might want to have it replaced.

Below are the advantages of a walk-in tub:

Advantages of Walk-in Bathtubs

1. Great Water Depth

Walk-in tubs offer a better water depth as compared to regular bathtubs. A traditional bathtub offers around 14 to 15 inches of depth whereas a walk-in tub offers a water depth as high as 24 to 32 inches. Many walk-in tubs also come with additional features like micro bubble therapy, hydrotherapy jets, heated seating and chromotherapy lighting etc.

2. Provides More Safety

Traditional bathtubs are slightly risky for senior citizens. You’ll be surprised to know that over 35 percent of seniors fall every year and about 80% of these falls take place in the bathroom. Walk-in tubs are specially designed to prevent these falls. Most of these tubs come with safety features like anti-slip material, low-height, contoured seating, and handrails etc.

Some walk-in tubs also come with extra wide doors that allow wheelchair users to transfer into the tub easily without any assistance.

3. Added Features

Some walk-in tubs offer amazing additional features such as hydrotherapy massage, microbubble therapy, and chromatherapy lighting that offers a luxurious bathing experience to the users.

4. Hydrotherapy

Walk-in tubs make hydrotherapy very easy and convenient. Because of the extended depth, you can immerse yourself completely in warm water comfortably for a longer time. Soaking in warm water helps in reducing body pains and speedy recovery from a variety of injuries. It also relaxes and calms down the entire body.

Walk-in tubs not only help the seniors, but their benefits are also intended for adult users of any age.

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