Extension Panel

All of our Acrylic tubs come with Walk-In Tub Extension Panels. These Panels go on the ends of the tub and help to hide all the plumbing and mechanics inside. Furthermore, it is especially useful for bathtubs in corner or freestanding installations because it allows for a nice white finish all around.

Also, access panels can be easily taken off or put back on to allow for easier access to the plumbing and mechanics as well as to make it easier to move the bathtub during installation. Lastly, the extension panels are an optional feature that fit at the ends of bathtubs so that they can fit into longer alcoves. To wrap things up, these panels make the Ella Walk-In Bathtubs fit in almost any space, no matter the bathroom!

Access & Extension Panel Features:

  • Removable for easy access to plumbing and mechanics as well as easier to move during installation
  • Covers the plumbing and mechanics to allow for a clean modern look
  • Easier to fit multiple sized bathrooms

Access Panel Standard On:

  • Acrylic Inward Swing Door Walk In Bathtubs
  • Acrylic Outward Swing Door Walk In Bathtubs

Extra Access Panel & Extension Panel Is Optional**

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