Transfer32 Wheelchair Accessible Walk In Tub | % Bathtubs

Transfer32 Outward Swing Door Wheelchair Accessible Acrylic Walk-In Bathtub

Size: 32″W x 52″L (81cm x 132cm)

Ella’s Transfer32 is 2” wider than the Transfer30, measuring 32” wide and 52” long, allowing larger body types to comfortably bathe with a roomier walk-in bathtub interior. With a wide L shaped barrier-free sidewall design, bathers can easily transfer from the wheelchair into the comfortable 24” wide molded seat. This model is also very popular amongst non wheelchair users who are seeking effortless slide-in access into the seat. The large 36” L shape outward swing door is made out of a light aluminum frame and a white acrylic cover that elegantly matches the glossy acrylic finish of the tub. Customers consider the L shape door over the U shape door because navigating within the walk-in tub is more comfortable and spacious when the door swings out. However, if objects in your bathroom prohibit you from opening an outswing door, please consider an inward swing walk-in tub.

  • 24” Wide Seat
  • 4 Therapeutic Jetting Options
  • 13 Hydro Jets (7 upper, 6 lower)
  • 17 Air Jets (11 upper, 6 lower)
  • 1 Reversible End Panel for Left or Right Corner Installation 
  • 1 Extension Panel Kit for a 60” Alcove Installation

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