Ella’s Bubbles Announces Partnership with ThermoSoft

Ultra Acrylic Walk In Tub Fast Fill Faucet 2″ Dual Drain 30″w X 52″l 76cm X 132cm 61

Ella’s Bubbles is proud to announce a special partnership with ThermoSoft®, a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of electric heating elements since 1996. The partnership involves the development of a line of customized heating elements, for use exclusively with Ella Walk In Tubs. These new seat and backrest heaters are available on all Ella Acrylic Walk In Tubs with stainless steel and glass doors, and are available on both the soaking and dual massage tubs. These systems are also available for Ella Low Threshold Showers with a molded seat, and will be expanded to all Ella walk in tub lines in the near future.


The ThermoTub® system is UL certified and includes heating elements, a control box, and a touchpad button. The innovative touch control has three stages: one touch causes the temperature to rise, a second touch holds the temperature at the current level, and a third turns the unit off. These units also have a 30 minute auto-off feature, and run at a maximum of only 92 watts at their highest setting. These kits feature peel-and-stick installation and are available as an after-market upgrade.


Come see the new heaters today!

ThermoSoft International Corporation is the leading U.S.-based manufacturer of electric heating elements since 1996. Over 1,400,000 households in the U.S. and Canada enjoy warming products made with ThermoSoft’s technology.


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