Shower to Walk-In Bathtub Conversion


New Ella Elite Walk-In Bathtub Installation
in Middletown Maryland


Ella Dealer Just Baths, LLC showcases a  finished shower conversion to an Ella Elite Walk-In Bathtub for a happy customer in Middletown, MD 21769. This walk-in tub was professionally installed in December 2018 by Joe Leonard. The installation included removing the old shower stall and replacing it with the new Ella Walk-In Bathtub. The elegant design of our tubs make any bathroom look modern and stylish.


If you are thinking about purchasing an accessible walk in tub, feel free to call 800-480-6850 or contact Ella’s Bubbles online for any questions or for FREE pricing info.

Our nation wide authorized resellers and professional installer network can work with any bath renovation project regardless of size including institutions, hospitality industry, hotels, nursing homes, care homes, hospitals, commercial, or residential. They will work with any individual home owner to make your bathrooms more accessible to everyone.


Ella Brand Acrylic Walk In Tubs – A Safe & Smart Lifestyle Investment

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