Self Install Walk-in Tub

Transfer60 Wheelchair Accessible Walk-In tub – 30″ x 60″ (76 x 152cm), Dual Drain Technology

Can I Install an Ella Walk-in Tub Myself?

If you are a skilled handyman or have experience doing basic plumbing and electrical work, then installing an Ella walk-in tub yourself shouldn’t be a problem.

Moving your Ella Walk in Bath

  • Remove all four (4) access panels before moving the tub
  • Take off the screw caps
  • Unscrew the screws with a Philips head screwdriver
  • Remove the end access panel

WARNING: Do not carry the walk in tub by the panels. Be careful when carrying the tub, avoid front panel contact with the floor or stairs to prevent damages. Make sure no loose parts are hanging down. Remove all four (4) access panels before carrying the tub to prevent them from falling out and breaking.

WARNING: Lift and carry the tub only by the frame. Protect the bottom of the tub to avoid breaking the air jets positioned on the bottom of the tub.

Protecting the Bath

Cover and protect the bath shell and fixtures from scratches or other damages during the installation and tests. Remove the access panels when moving the Walk in Bath and always lift the bathtub from the frame.

The unit MUST be connected to a circuit protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) provided and installed by a licensed electrician and tested periodically (refer to instructions provided by GFCI manufacturer). Electrical requirements vary based on package; please refer to package diagrams included in the specifications. A licensed electrician for your area is required to install and test the electrical installation process. DO NOT use any kind of extension cords to power the unit.

Operating the pumps without first filling the bath to above the jets can cause permanent damage to your equipment.
Push the GFCI “test” button into “reset” mode. If the GFCI fails to operate in this manner, there is a ground current flow or a device malfunction, indicating the possibility of electrical shock. If this occurs, turn OFF the power and do not use the bathtub until the source of the problem has been identified and corrected.

Water Test
It is important to test that the Hydro and Air Pumps are functioning properly before final in-wall installation to avoid unnecessary repairs or removal.

A. Place the tub on a completely flat surface in an area where it may be drained after testing.
B. Using a clean rag and warm water wipe down seal to insure it is free of debris.
C. Seal the drains (this can be done with tape) and fill the tub to at least three inches above the highest jet, or to the bottom of the grab bar if no jets are present.
D. Allow the water to stand in tub for 30 minutes and then inspect all plumbing and seals for leaks.
E. Using appropriately rated three-prong extension cords, all plugged in to separate outlets, operate all electrical components (air blower, water pump, and heater if applicable) for another 30 minutes and inspect for leaks again. Inspect the unions around the pump and heater.
F. If a leak persists at a union after tightening, it may have been over-tightened or might have a displaced O-ring. Disassemble it and make sure the O-ring was seated properly. Do the same if a leak persists at the heater. Verify that the heater threads match the pipe threads.

Door and Frame Adjustments

Prepare the sub-floor for the drain and ensure that the area is level. The supporting sub-floor must be able to support the total weight of the bathtub, bather and water and must meet local construction code requirements.

Use a level and make sure that the sub-floor below the tub is leveled. If the floor is not perfectly level, adjust the appropriate leveling legs to re-align the tub to perfect level. It is important that all of the leveling legs are completely supporting the tub (touching the floor with equal weight distribution) and the tub is leveled for the door seal to work properly. If the tub is not perfectly leveled, it may cause frame and shell warping which can cause changes in door alignment resulting in water leakage and void the warranty.

DISCLAIMER: The frame specifications and configuration vary based on model. If the sub- floor does not support the total weight of the bath, bather and the water, it can result in warping of the shell, misalignment of the door and/or create leaks and could lead to damage of your home.

Your walk in bathtub has been tested and leveled properly before leaving our facility. Our walk in bathtubs have been set on a perfectly level surface to ensure no leaks and proper door closing. It is up to your installer to test and make any adjustments necessary to ensure that all leveling legs support the tub frame and that the door is aligned correctly to prevent any leaks. The door must close smoothly to create a water tight seal.

Extending or shortening the legs will help correct any alignment issues to close the gap between the door and the frame. Please call us immediately if any issues arise or if you have any concerns. 1-800-480-6850.

DISCLAIMER: The frame specifications and configuration vary based on model. If the sub- floor does not support the total weight of the bath, bather and the water, it can result in warping of the shell, misalignment of the door and/or create leaks and could lead to damage of your home.

Door Seal

Please keep in mind that the door has been closed for an extended period of time throughout shipping and the bathtub has been stored in various temperatures. It is possible for the silicone seal to stick to the frame when stored for extended periods of time. When the bathtub is received, the door seal should be checked for deformations from shipping and re-formed and adjusted where necessary. To restore the door seal, the seal must be released and allowed to relax with the door open. This is done by squeezing the seal with your finger tips and pulling it away from the door frame to regain its flexibility and original form. It is recommended that the door be kept open when not in use to increase the lifetime of the door seal and maintain its flexibility.

Installation of Deck Mount Grab Bar

To install the supplied grab bar first locate all the parts needed for installation. See drawing shown above. Ready the bolt assembly by first placing a metal washer onto the bolt followed by a rubber washer. Feed the bolt up through the tub shell and place another rubber washer over the extruded bolt followed by the escutcheon. You may start the threading into the grab bar to hold the assembly loosely in position and then repeat the process for the second bolt. Once the entire assembly is in place, tighten the bolts with the supplied Allen wrench.

WARNING: Under no circumstances install the grab bar without the large metal washer underneath the tub shell. Doing so will leave the tub shell vulnerable to cracking and void the warranty.

Finishing Installation

After all of the water and electrical testing is completed and all fixtures are checked, the tub can be installed to the surrounding wall or walls. Ella Walk in Baths come with low rise tile flange which allows for two or one wall installations. The extension panel of the bathtub can be installed as needed for 60″ openings.

The tub can be finished and tiled over. Caulking must be applied to joints as needed after the bathtub is installed.


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