S-Class 3655 Acrylic Walk In Bathtub | Ella's Bubbles Door Walk In Tub

S-Class 3655 Inward Swing Door Acrylic Walk-In Bathtub


Size: 36″ x 55″

The 3655 Acrylic walk-in tub is the largest in the S-Class series, offering more legroom than a standard 52” tub. This bariatric model is created for extra large body types. However, if your bathroom could facilitate an outward swing bathtub door, please consider L-shape TransferXXXL walk-in bathtub.

  • 30” Wide Seat
  • 15 Hydro Jets (9 upper, 6 lower)
  • 15 Air Jets (9 upper, 6 lower)
  • 1 Reversible End Panel for Left or Right Corner Installation
  • 1 Extension Panel Kit for a 60” Alcove Installation