S-Class Walk-In Tubs

The main feature of the S-Class Acrylic Walk-in Bathtubs is the unique shape of the inward swing door, designed extra-wide at the top to create a broad entry. S-Class models use a polished stainless steel lever lock to create a secure and watertight door seal. Additionally, each model comes equipped with a brushed stainless steel towel rack.

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Ella’s standard S-Class model is the 3052 Acrylic walk-in tub, measuring 30” x 52” with a wide, 21” molded seat. This tub was created for average size bathers. The S-Class 3060 measures 30” x 60” with a 21” wide seat. This model is recommended for tall bathers who need extended legroom. The 3655 Acrylic walk-in tub is the largest in the S-Class series. This bariatric model is created for extra large body types. However, if your bathroom could facilitate an outward swing bathtub door, please consider L-shape TransferXXXL walk-in bathtub.

Ella Acrylic Walk-in Tubs are vacuum formed from a solid, long-lasting acrylic sheet. The non-porous material in white gloss finish is easy to clean and impermeable to mold and mildew. Under the acrylic shell facade is a rust proof, stainless steel frame reinforced with multiple fiberglass mesh and gelcoat layers to ensure the durability of the tub’s structure. The frame has multiple leveling legs that can be adjusted for an easier installation and stronger support.

The 30”x52” and 32”x60” S-Class models use a Single 2” Drain with emergency pull up chain, consisting of two 2” outlets and an overflow. A cap is also included to cover 1 of 2 ports if needed. The 2” drain outlets can be connected to the standard 1 ½” house drain with piping selected by a professional plumber. The selection of drain pipe configuration and the pipes and fittings are up to the homeowner or licensed plumber. However, for the most efficient drainage, please consider connecting both ports to a 2” house drain if possible.

Some may wonder how a Single 2” Drain can drain faster even though it’s connected to a 1 ½” house drain. That’s because as the water drains, air is pushed through the overflow, thus creating a vent system and reducing the amount of air bubbles preventing a free flow of the water. As a result, this produces a faster drain.

The larger model, S-Class 3655 includes two 2” drains, two overflows and two openers which offers faster gravity driven drainage. 

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