Ozone Sterilization Technology

Two Seat Dual Couple Walk In Bathtubs: Ella's Bubbles

Ever worry about how to clean out all of the hard to reach places in your walk in bathtub? With Ozone Sterilization your worries will be washed away along with the bacteria and grime that builds up in a bathtub. Ozone is a naturally occurring oxidative that is widely known as a cleaning agent in de-polluting municipal water systems across the country.  Ozone Sterilization turns on automatically as soon as hydro pump is turned on along with the in-line water heater. It then activates and goes through a process called “cellular lyses”. During this process ozone gets rid of mold and bacteria in the water and in the jetting lines. It also prevents mildew and dingy odors from forming.

Ozone Sterilization Technology Walk In Tubs
Ozone Sterilization Technology Walk In Tubs

For optimal results, the bather needs to turn on Ozone Sterilization and run it for 10 minutes for every half hour of use. It can be run during a bath and without disrupting the bath experience. It is a safe process that doesn’t require any refills to activate it. With Ozone Sterilization each bath can bring you more comfort and cleanliness which can in turn give you peace of mind.

When you run the hydro jets ozone sterilization will turn on automatically. Ozone sterilization is the process of sterilizing all of the jets and hoses to prevent mold and mildew. It won’t replace cleaning your walk in tub completely, but it does go a long way in disinfecting hard to reach areas.