Walk-in tubs for mobile homes

Many seniors across the United States live in mobile homes these days. These home are compact and efficient but can still have the latest amenities and features like a walk-in bathtub. We’ve noticed an increase in web searches for “Walk-in tubs for mobile homes” and the trend of seniors moving into mobile and modular homes over the last few years. If you live in a mobile home, installing a walk-in bathtub not only is a good safety measure, but also a nice upgrade to the standard bathtub. A walk-in tub has an easily accessible door that opens to let the bather enter without stepping over a high threshold, risking a slip and fall. Ella walk-in tubs also have a heated seat option which can keep you toasty warm as the tub fills up. If you suffer from limited mobility or balance issues, sitting while bathing is the safest solution.

Can a walk-in tub be installed in a mobile home?

Yes, Ella walk-in tubs can be installed in mobile homes.

We have numerous customers who have installed an Ella walk in tub in their mobile home or trailer home. The most difficult aspect they face is getting the tub into the mobile home bathroom. Ella’s bubbles offers a variety of sizes of walk-in tubs to choose from that can be installed easily.
Several of our walk-in tub models are available for installation in mobile homes. Some models are compact and available for smaller spaces. Other tub models are quite large and may require professional installation and modifications to your mobile home. The process isn’t too different from installing a walk-in tub in a house. You must verify the measurements and be sure that your existing plumbing can supply enough hot water and accommodate any extra drainage. RVs and trailers don’t have large doors to fit most standard walk-in tubs, but many mobile, prefabricated and modular homes do.

The following are things you must consider:

How big is your door? You must have a door that is larger than 26 inches to fit our narrowest tub otherwise the tub won’t fit through the opening. Some trailers and campers don’t have wide enough doors to fit a walk-in tub, but, manufactured and prefab homes often do. Not everyone’s mobile home is an ideal candidate for walk-in tub installation. Cost can also be an obstacle. The price for installing a walk-in tub can be more than mobile home owners are interested in spending.

The best Ella walk-in tubs for mobile homes

Several Ella walk-in tubs are available in narrow sizes that can provide a better fit for mobile home bathrooms. Your local installer can provide a free consultation to verify that a tub can be installed in your mobile home. Ella walk-in tubs feature both inward and outward-swing doors, heating seats and massage therapy jets. Outward swing doors make it easier to get in and out of the tub without having to step around the door.The bathroom in your mobile home may not have enough clearance for an outward swing door.

Walk-in Tubs For Mobile Homes

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