Life Alert Buyers Should Also Consider a Walk In Tub for Increased Safety

There is no bigger fear than that which comes from an unexpected call from your elderly parent. I got that call last year when my mom slipped and fell while she was getting into the bathtub. I knew bathing had become a difficult task for her, but I didn’t realize the harm it could cause. And, while we were thankful she was wearing Life Alert, that didn’t prevent her from falling. One slip is all it took.

She spent the next week in the hospital. Luckily she didn’t break her hip, but she injured it enough to be confined to a wheelchair until she fully recovered. When it was time for her to be released from the hospital, the fear of her having another accident grew.

We both knew she couldn’t be left alone during what had become the dangerous task of bathing, but we weren’t sure what the solution was. She wasn’t ready to have someone assist her, but I couldn’t trust her to do it alone. What if she slipped again? What if it’s a worse accident? What if someone couldn’t get there fast enough to help her? I knew something needed to change.

I asked the nurse if there was anything we could do to help prevent future falls. She recommended I look into Ella’s Bubbles walk-in tubs. She said she knew a lot of seniors who benefited from their products and I was bound to find the perfect tub for my mom…. and boy, she was right!

Together we looked through the 25 walk-in tub options, and when we narrowed it down to a few, I let my mom decide which one she liked best. She chose the S Class, a perfect solution. The swinging door makes it easy for her to get in and out of – even in a wheelchair. And, if she does need additional support, there are added grab bars to help her steady herself as she enters and exits the tub.

However, it isn’t just about getting in and out of the tub safely that makes Ella’s walk-in tub the best choice for my mom. It’s more than that. For her, it’s the comfortable seat and headrest allowing her to enjoy reading her favorite book while bathing. It’s the relaxing message from the hydrotherapy feature that has helped in her recovery. And, it’s the quality jets that ensure she’s been property cleaned, a task that has become difficult for her. For me, it’s the peace of mind that lets me know she’s safer.

While nothing will ever fully get rid of my concern for my mom, Ella’s Bubbles walk-in tub sure has eased it.

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