Two Seat Walk-In Tubs


36″W x 80″L


32″W x 60″L


32″W x 60″L

Ella’s Bubbles pioneered the first ever luxury two seat walk-in bathtub. This unique design is especially helpful in assisted bathing or simply a way to create a relaxing, unforgettable experience for you and your loved one. Each model features two molded seats and a centered door. The Companion model walk-in tub is equipped with a brushed stainless steel finish inward swing door, while the Tub4Two & Big4Two are fitted with a U-shape outward swing door for easy access.

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• Companion: The first ever two-seat tub created by Ella’s Bubbles. 30” wide by 60” long with an inward swing brushed, stainless steel door. Fits a standard 60” bath alcove.

• Tub4Two: This tub measures in at 32” wide by 60” long but comes with an outward swing door. It also fits a 60” bath alcove.

• Big4Two: Experience the luxury of the largest two seat walk-in tub in the industry. 36” wide and 80” long, this tub provides more than enough space to stretch out with a loved one or all by yourself.

• All two seat tubs are made with a bright, durable, easy to clean acrylic surface backed by a robust stainless-steel frame. Multiple leveling legs provide easy adjustments and maximum stability for years of reliable performance.

Proprietary dual drain technology. Dual T-Type 4 port drains provide the fastest gravity driven drain system in the industry. Under ideal plumbing conditions, your tub can drain in 80-120 seconds. Natural, gravity driven drains are the most reliable, as they require no electricity to operate. Electrical driven drains may fail due to electrical shorts or power outages.

• Three models to choose from with a variety of door styles and sizes

• Independent foot massage available

• Many different jetting packages are available, allowing you to design your own tub.

2 Seat Walk-In Tubs Comparison Charts

ella acrylic walk in tubs for two

Important Dimensions

Tub4Two Big4Two Companion
Dimensions of Tub WxLxH 31.75 x 60 x 40 36×80 x 40 30.25×59.75×37
Dimensions of Crate WxLxH 33 x 62 x 50 38 x 73 x 50 35x65x45
Threshold Height 6″ 6″ 9″
Threshold Lowering Option 6″ 6″ 6″
Seat Width 19.25″ 21″/26″ 20.25″
Seat Height 17″ 17″ 15″
Width of Door 19.75″ 19.75″ 16.5″


Important Information

Tub4Two Big4Two Companion
Gallons USA (Unoccupied) 100 143 95
Gallons USA (Occupied) 50-70 n/a 45-65
Suggested Water Heater* 75* 80* 75*
Approximate Drainage Time** 120 Seconds 150 Seconds 120 Seconds
Drain/Door Location Center Center Center
Product Net Weight LBS 240 295 260
Product Shipping Weight LBS 380 483 360

*Suggested water heater size for a household with only a single bather. A household with any additional bathers should consider the next size available water heater.
**Approximate Drainage Time is under ideal plumbing conditions, your drainage times may vary.


Features & Benefits

Tub4Two Big4Two Companion
Grab Bar(s) 0 0 1
Thermostatic Control Valve No No No
Water Supply Lines 1/2″ 1/2″ 1/2″
Pull Out Hand Mixer Hose Yes Yes Yes
Textured Slip Resistant Floor Yes Yes Yes
Number of Access Panels 3 3 4
Hydro Jets 22 26 20
Air Jets 16 10 14
In-line Water Heater D D D
Ozone Sterilization D D D
LED Chromatherapy D D D
Heated Seat Optional Optional Optional
Options: S – Soaking, D – Dual Massage (hydro & air)

Gravity Driven 2″ Dual Drain Technology

The best fast drain in industry – no power required! Ella gravity driven 2″ dual drain technology with independently operated 2 openers, 2 overflows for fast and reliable drainage and exit out of the walk-in tub. This drain can be connected to 4 x 2 inch outlets vs. one 1 1/2″ standard bathtub drain. See details in product page downloads or click here.

Gear & Shaft Driven 3-Latch Out-Swing Door

unique gear and shaft 3 latch door lock mechanism

Our unique gear and shaft driven 3-latch door edges out our competition who typically use a single latch/lever system. A 3-latch door system provides a more secure and watertight door seal than the conventional single latch system, providing you with a leak-free bathing experience.

Foot & Calf Massage (Optional)

ella ultimate acrylic walk in spa bath with foot massage

Ella walk-in tubs are equipped with 4 adjustable foot jets and 2 adjustable calf jets for maximum relaxation. These jets are strategically positioned in the lowest possible area of the floor for bathers to enjoy a powerful foot massage in a relaxed position. No need to fill the whole tub, the foot well fills in just a couple of minutes!