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Walk In Bathtub Cost Tips & Tricks | Ellas Bubbles Walk In Tubs

Three Things You Need to Know About the Cost of a Walk-In Tub

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There are many factors to consider if you’re looking at buying a walk-in tub, but the cost is almost always a primary factor.

Many people are ill-informed about the various pricing levels for these tubs, which often results in an unnecessary and unpleasant experience with “sticker shock.”

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. What follows is a breakdown of the three most important factors that influence the price of a walk-in tub, along with some final information about why Ella’s Bubbles represents a great choice when you go to buy.

Why Size Matters

The size of the bathroom is important when choosing a walk-in tub. It’s often the most important factor, although maybe not for the reasons you think. Simply put, the size of the tub has to match up well with the structure and construction of your existing bathroom to make the installation as simple and straightforward as possible.

The easiest example of this to understand would be big tub, small bathroom. If the installers can’t get the tub in the door and find a way to fit it into the existing space, they’re going to have to do some extra work to make that happen. Time is money in this kind of project, so that means you’re going to pay extra.

Where the fixtures are plays a role as well If you’ve got a particular design or location in mind, there may be fixtures in the way, and they’ll have to be moved, either temporarily or permanently, to get exactly what you want. Either way, time is still money.

Plumbing Matters, Too

The next major cost factor is your existing plumbing. If it’s in good shape and you just want to replace your existing tub with something newer or better, your budget will also be in good shape when you go to pay.

But there are other possible scenarios, unfortunately. If you’ve put the tub in a different spot, the plumbing will have to be replaced to meet your needs as well. That takes time and effort, both of which will be reflected in the final cost.

Finally, if your plumbing is old, you may have a different problem. Sometimes old pipes and water delivery systems aren’t compatible with the demands of today’s sophisticated walk-in tubs, so if that’s part of your situation it’s important to have an expert check out your plumbing to make sure you’re in good shape there.

Consider the Materials

Many potential buyers don’t consider the nature of the materials in the structure and the area where the walk-in tub will be installed. Trust us, it’s important. The flooring, walls, and fixtures around the tub must help provide a water-tight seal, and this is particularly important if the shape or look of your new tub is dramatically different from the old one.

Design issues play a part in this as well. For most people, it makes little sense to buy a new walk-in tub and not have it fit into at least some extent with the existing decor, so you may need to work with both the walk-in tub company and your installer to make sure the right look and fit happen as seamlessly as possible.

Work with the Best

To get the best of all possible worlds when it comes to knowing the issues and controlling the costs for your new handicap-accessible tub, contact us about buying a Walk-In Tub from Ella’s Bubbles. We’re pioneers when it comes to Infusion Microbubble Therapy, and our other features include patented swivel trays, dual drain, fast-fill faucets, independently-operated foot massage, two-seat options and a host of others.

We’ve also got the experience to get the installation right. Our network of national resellers and professional installers have done thousands of jobs for clients of all sizes with an endless variety of needs, from commercial hotels and facilities to elite hospitals and nursing homes–along with residential customers like yourself. We’ll walk you through every step of the installation process so you know exactly what’s going to happen, and we know how to help you find the kind of comfort and independence you’re looking for in your new walk-in tub.

So give us a call now at 800-480-6850 and let us get you on your way to a spa-like experience with your brand new walk-in tub!

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