Walk In Bath & Shower Accessories

Our goal is to offer the best accessible bathroom products on the market. To enhance your bathing experience, we offer accessories to provide more comfort or convenience. These Walk In Bathtub and Shower Accessories are designed to fit into most of our walk in bathtubs or showers. To order, call Ella’s Bubbles for the dealer nearest your location.

Headrest and Seat Risers increase the comfort and are tailor-made for Ella Acrylic Inward Swing Door Walk In Bathtubs. Seat Risers can be customized to fit any bathtub, standard or walk in. Heated seats and backrests warm up the surface of the seat or backrest to provide further comfort and relaxation. Most of our Ella Acrylic Walk In Bathtubs come with the option to change out the faucets. Each faucet adding it’s own unique feature and style to you bathtub. The folding grab bar is a grab bar that can be installed on your walls to increase safety. You can install it in one of our showers or near a walk in bathtub. The grab bar folds up when it isn’t in use so there is no trying to get around it when not in the bath or shower.