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Affordable Walk-In Bathtubs

Lounger Outward Swing Door Walk-In Tub – 27″W x 60″L (69cm x 152cm)
For seniors who struggle with slippery surfaces and find it difficult to step over traditional tub walls, walk-in bathtubs are a great and safe bathing alternative. With their anti-slip and textured surfaces, low step-in thresholds, molded seats, and grab bars, these tubs are far more physically accessible than traditional bathtubs. However, sometimes the pricing for [...]

Walk In Tub for Seniors

Removable Stainless Steel & Glass Door
  Walk In Tub for Seniors to Remain Living Independently The bathtub is one of the main reasons seniors are forced into assisted living or nursing homes.  You can hire someone to come in and clean the house. You can get services to deliver food. But when it comes to helping seniors in and out [...]