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Do you find it difficult to bathe with eczema?

Elite Walk-in Tub – 30″ X 52″ (76cm X 132cm)
Imagine bathing while exfoliating - skin disease that causes dry skin requires more moisture daily then regular skin. bathing with eczema If bathing irritates your skin, You're Not Alone!   Do You Find It Difficult To Bathe With Eczema? Why does your skin itch after bathing? The most common cause for itching to occur after a shower is dryness [...]

Ella Companion Walk In Tub Customer Experience

Big4two Two Seat Walk-in Bathtub With Outward Swing Door, Air + Hydro + Independent Foot Massage 36″x80″ (91cm X 203cm)

  It has been 8 months since I replaced my traditional tub with a companion walk-in tub from Ella’s Bubbles, and I’m extremely happy with the results so far. Our bathing experience has been on a whole new level with a rejuvenating spa-like experience. The decision to make the switch came after my husband, 78, […]

Another Big4Two Walk In Tub Installed

Petite Acrylic Walk-in Tub – 28″w X 52″l (71cm X 132cm)
Our new customers in Alaska will be enjoying hot baths in their new Big4Two Walk In Tub exclusively from Ella's Bubbles. We offer several walk in tubs that have two seats so couples can enjoy a relaxing bath together. You will be hard pressed to find these types of walk in tubs for two anywhere [...]