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Freedom to Bathe: How a Portable Walk In Tub Can Change Your Life

Walk-in tubs are a great way to make bathing easier and more comfortable for people with mobility issues. These tubs have a low threshold, allowing users to step in and out with ease, and are equipped with safety features like non-slip surfaces and handrails. However, one common issue with walk-in tubs is that they are...

How Effective are Walk-in Bathtubs to Improve Home Safety?

Lay Down Inward Swing Door Acrylic Walk-in Tub – 32″w X 72″l (81cm X 182cm)
When you arrive home after a long day, you crave the aura of relaxation. As tiredness engulfs our world, each of us begin to desire an evolved experience of relief. For many, this includes washing away the stress while bathing; but what if our bathtubs were equipped with more than just hot water and bubbles?...

Diseases that Restrict Mobility in Adults – A Walk In Tub Can Help

Many people associate restricted mobility with old age. While that is true, it should not be forgotten that certain physical and mental disorders can restrict mobility in adults as well. Mobility limitations in adults can increase their risk for falls, declined functional capability, and greatly impact overall mental health. As diseases such as arthritis, fractures,...

All You Need To Know About Wheelchair Accessible Walk-In Tubs

Whether you are handicapped, elderly, or an individual with limited mobility - craving a soothing bath with maximum convenience - our team at Ella's Bubbles has good news for you. We understand how depending on others for routine tasks can feel tedious and inconvenient. Therefore, we have manufactured a product that can restore your independence....

Walk-in Bathtubs, a Therapeutic Bathing Experience

Petite Acrylic Walk-in Tub – 28″w X 52″l (71cm X 132cm)
Whether your muscles are feeling tight and sore or you're feeling emotionally drained, there's little a warm therapeutical bath can't fix. Save yourself a trip to the spa, and get the most therapeutic bathing experience at home that will leave you feeling energetic, relaxed, and independent at the same time. The bathtubs at Ella's Bubbles...

Here is How a Walk-In Bathtub Can Benefit You

Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling a little lethargic, dreaming of a long, warm shower that can soothe your muscles and get you ready for the day? We totally understand that feeling, and we also get that the dangers of stepping into a traditional bathtub might scare you. But don’t worry, we...

Introducing The ShaK- The World’s LARGEST Walk-In Bathtub

From the pioneers of Big4Two, the largest two seat walk-in bathtub, Ella’s Bubbles unveils its much anticipated ShaK- the world’s biggest single seat acrylic walk-in tub designed for athletes, bariatric bathers, and people 6’4” or taller. While the industry offers deep walk-in bathtubs, Ella’s ShaK distinguishes itself by offering the deepest and longest walk-in tub….

Walk-in Bathtubs in Condos, To Be or Not To Be?

Walk In Tub Reviews, Testimonials, & Feedback

Living in condos presents both unique advantages and challenges in all aspects of life, including having renovations completed. When shopping for safety and accessibility solutions, there are no limitations to your selection of choices. Any walk-in bathtub on the market will fit in your condo the same as it will in a single-family residential property….

5 Ways Microbubble Walk In Tubs Help Eczema

Deluxe Walk-in Tub 2023 – 29.5″ X 55″ (75cm X 140cm)
Eczema & Bathing: Skin problems are often the first visible signs of diabetes, according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Type 2 diabetes can make existing skin problems worse, and also cause new ones. Take control of your diabetes and use our microbubble therapy bathtubs. Listed below are five ways our patented microbubble technology has...

Walk In Bath are the Perfect Hearing Aid Companion

Robert’s hearing started to go about ten years ago. I first noticed it when he kept asking me to talk louder. But in the last couple of years, his hearing progressively deteriorated to the point where I had to shout or repeat everything I said. I was struggling to have a basic conversation with him,…

Life Alert Buyers Should Also Consider a Walk In Tub for Increased Safety

There is no bigger fear than that which comes from an unexpected call from your elderly parent. I got that call last year when my mom slipped and fell while she was getting into the bathtub. I knew bathing had become a difficult task for her, but I didn’t realize the harm it could cause….

Mobility Products

Lay Down Inward Swing Door Acrylic Walk-in Tub – 32″w X 72″l (81cm X 182cm)
A walk-in tub can be beneficial to owners of the following mobility assistance products. When You're in The Market for a Wheelchair Ramp, Consider a Walk-in Tub Consumers of wheelchair ramps should also consider a walk in tub because they address similar mobility issues shared by those with limited mobility. If you have trouble getting...

Medical Devices

Walk In Tub Reviews, Testimonials, & Feedback
A walk-in tub can be beneficial to owners of the following medical devices. Life Alert & Alert Necklace Wearers Often Purchase Walk-in Tubs Life alert provides another layer of safety and reassurance. People who own these devices are likely at higher risk of falls or injuries. If you are in the market for a life...

Dry Itchy Skin After Bathing

Ultra Acrylic Walk-in Tub, Fast Fill Faucet, 2″ Dual Drain – 30″w X 52″l (76cm X 132cm)

What causes itchy skin after bathing? The most common cause for itching to occur after a shower is dryness of the skin. Dry air, soaps, hot water, can deplete the skin of essential oils and nutrients, making it dry. This makes the nerves more sensitive, causing one to feel itchy. If your skin feels tight and itchy after bathing, you are not the only one experiencing…

Safety Grab Bars

Elite Walk-in Tub – 30″ X 52″ (76cm X 132cm)
Our goal is to offer the best accessible bathroom products on the market. To enhance your bathing experience, we offer accessories to provide more comfort or convenience. These walk in tub accessories are designed to fit into most of our walk in tubs or showers. Ella Grab Bars come in polished and brushed in various...

Will My Insurance Pay For a Walk-In Tub?

The question of whether your insurance will pay for a walk-in tub is not a simple one; rather, it greatly depends on how you approach the issue and the measures you take. A walk-in tub is a helpful and instrumental piece of equipment, which makes bath-time easier, especially for elderly persons with medical conditions. Adults with aging parents will find a walk-in tub highly valuable because of its health and physical benefits. Walk-in tubs are quite expensive, and that is why you should consider seeking the services of your insurance company to cover the costs. An insurance company can come in handy to relieve you of the financial burden associated with purchasing a walk-in tub, but you need to be prepared with the necessary information and details to justify your claim.