I purchased my ELLA Deluxe in May 2018

Walk-In Tub Installed

I purchased my ELLA Deluxe in May 2018, but due to construction delays didn’t test and install it until May 2019. It had a tiny leak in one of the 2 hydro return elbows. Drip-drip. I sent ELLA support a description and several pictures. They never offered to come to me and fix the leak, […]

This tub has been fantastic.

Walk-In Tub Install

This tub has been fantastic. It fills reasonably fast. It’s dual drains work well as long as your original drain opening is as large as the capacity both drains put out. If not, you will need to redirect your drain to your nearest larger drain or come up with a drainage alternative for one of […]

I love this tub!

Walk-In Bathtub Install

I love this tub! The jets are wonderful and the tub empty’s really quickly when I’m done. It’s very easy to clean and the sanitizer for the jets is a huge bonus. Money well spent. 07/29/2020 Stacey W

The Walk-In Tub that I Was Looking For

Walk In Tub Install

First i would like to start by saying how wonderful Daphne ******** is and how quick she responded and got me the tub that i was looking for. I had such a terrible experience with American standard with delay after delay so i reached out to ellas and Daphne ******** reached out to me within […]

First of all, let’s talk about service.

Ella Walk In Tubs Install

First of all, let’s talk about service. Ella tub service dept. is the best service I have ever experienced. Daphne was my representative and she was always polite, answer my question directly, and is the most caring and empathetic service representative. Daphne if you read this I want to thank you, you are the reason […]