Heated Seat and Backrest

What Is Healthy Radiant Heat?

Heated Seat and Backrest options provide therapeutic deep radiant healing, to help the body relax and rejuvenate. It wraps the body in warmth, soothing muscles and improving oxygen circulation in the blood and boosting internal body temperature to maximize bathing enjoyment and relaxation of the mind and body. Experience Healthy Radiant Heat with Ella’s heated seat and backrest options with your tub.

ThermoTub® is a surface heating system for Ella Acrylic Walk In Tubs and Low Threshold shower enclosures. ThermoTub’s advanced radiant heaters provide soothing comfort directly to the surface of the bathtub or shower which allow for a heated seat and backrest. With its warm touch, ThermoTub delivers the ultimate in comfort, relaxation, and health benefits.


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ThermoTub® Surface Heating System from Thermosoft®
For heating the backrest, seat, armrests and floors of acrylic & fiberglass bathtubs and showers
Uses less energy than a standard light bulb
UL listed for the US & Canada

FiberThermics® Surface Heaters
Flexible, strong & uniquely safe
Energy saving, reflective foil/foam insulation
Hermetically sealed heating elements and connections
Made in the USA

Ultra-fast pre-heat
One-touch, individualized, comfort maintenance
30 minute automatic shut-off timer
Splash resistant housing for transformer and electronics
Installation/mounting tabs mount to a) tub frame, b) floor 1.5” above tub mounting surface, c) alcove studs
120V, easy plug & play installation

Ergonomic electronic push button
Water splash resistant housing for electronics
Attractive LED “heatwave” display