Therapeutic Air Massage

Benefits Of Therapeutic Air Massages

The Therapeutic Air Massage feature in baths have greatly increased in popularity within recent years. Air Massage Jetting in tubs provide a gentler massage than any other form of massage jetting, and the elderly can benefit from this especially as a form of hydrotherapy, which has led to an increase in the elderly population in the US.

Water offers the effects of weightlessness and relaxes muscles. Heat relaxes the body to make it more receptive to the benefits of the massage. The movement of air activates the lymphatic system and blood circulation. The combination of water, heat, and air movement, create an incomparable therapeutic effect and offers physical relaxation and even relief of pain related to ailments such as arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatism.

Other Benefits:
• Relaxing muscles, while stimulating the production of endorphins
• Making muscles more receptive to the benefits of the massage
• Activating the lymphatic system and blood circulation
• Relieving pain related to arthritis, rheumatism and other concerns
• Releasing tension after a hard day of work
• Producing an effect of well-being