Ozone Sterilization – By NuWhirl

Ozone is a proven water disinfectant. NuWhirl’s micrOzone generator targets tub plumbing where water can remain after baths, creating a higher concentration of ozone than many larger units. Its size—the smallest in the industry—means simple and flexible installation.

OS Features:

  • Generates O3 to eliminate bacteria and mold
  • Easily operated push button control
  • Compact
  • High Performance
  • Efficient


Ozone is a naturally occurring oxidative that is often abbreviated as O3. It is widely known and used as a sanitizing agent in de-polluting municipal water systems in Europe and the United States for over 100 years, and it is for that reason that we include an Ozone Sterilization system in our tubs. Using a process called “cellular lyses,” the ozone eliminates mold and bacteria from the bathwater and also prevents mildew and odor from accumulating. This is especially useful when the tub is regularly used by more than one person. Not only does the ozone protect the tub’s surface from contaminates, but it also gets into the jetting lines and prevents harmful agents from forming there.

High Performance.
Uses patented Corona Discharge micro-ozone cell technology that generates higher concentrations of ozone than many larger units.

Compact Size.
Smallest ozone generator available to the bathing industry, making it adaptable to a variety of applications.

Automated Solution.
Introduces ozone into water automatically when a pump / blower is turned on.

Innovative technology minimizes nitrous oxide off-gassing.

Smart Power.
Combine its piggy-back cord with a pump or blower to turn on only as needed. Adjustable output of 15mg/hr. to 30mg/hr. (128ppm to 255ppm.)

Low power consumption means more electrical capacity for pumps, blowers and lights.

All-in-One Product.
Simple to inventory and put on the manufacturing floor.

The Ozone Sterilization needs only to be run for ten minutes for every half hour of use, and can be switched on during use of the tub itself without disturbing your bathing time. The ozone is completely safe and is generated onsite, so there is no need for transport or refills of any sort of chemical. Of course, it doesn’t completely replace cleaning your tub, but it does do a diligent job of eliminating mold and bacteria from hard to reach and unseen areas.

With the Ozone Sterilization system, you can hop on in, flick it on, and have one more worry wash away.