What Is Aromatherapy?

The journey for rejuvenation of mind and body doesn’t have to be confined to just what you feel. Relaxation can be induced by all five senses, especially smell, and that’s why we include an Aromatherapy option for many of our tubs. It is the use of aromatic compounds, such as the natural plant extracts to aid one’s well being. An aromatic cloud can reinvigorate you to whole new levels. Although it’s often used to relax, there are also health benefits of Aromatherapy. From stress relief, to pain management, to improvements in blood pressure or depression, aromatherapy could be just what the doctor ordered. So if you’re feeling down or just want to boost your mood, our Aromatherapy feature for your bath, may help your worries drift away.

We included Aromatherapy as a complementary therapy in our tubs, one that works alongside the power of the massage jets. Together they eradicate stress, anxiety and depression to bring you one step closer to clarity of mind. No more going through the hassle of buying and setting up candles. Aromatherapy will accomplish the task of whisking you away to further your relaxation.