Air Massage Jets

Ella Acrylic Walk In Bathtubs can include air massage jetting depending on the options you choose. Air massage jets are a great solution for those looking for a more gentler massage.


  • Auto Purge
  • Back Flow


How Air Massage Jets Work.

Air massage jets are jets that pull in air and then blow it into the water at strategically placed locations. Since it is air and not water blowing out of the jets, the massage becomes much gentler than what you typically think when it comes to massage bathtubs. Though the pressure isn’t as intense as hydro jets would provide, it still makes for a highly relaxing experience.

Ella’s Bubbles air jets also come with auto purge and back flow valves. The back flow valve prevents water from getting stuck in the hosing. Auto purge activates shortly after your bath to blow out any access water and bacteria from the hoses. These combined prevents your walk in bathtubs from getting moldy or backed up.