Big4Two – Two Seat Acrylic Outward Swing Walk-In Bathtub with Independently Operated Foot Massage

The Ella Big4Two Walk In Tub is our biggest walk in tub yet! This roomy two seat walk-in bathtub allows you and your partner to comfortably stretch out your legs and relax. This walk in tub has an outward swing door and a low threshold to make it easier to get in. It sports hydro and air jets to maximize your relaxation with your partner. With an acrylic mold, designer chrome fixtures, and a frameless outward swing door, your Big4Two Walk In Tub will add a beautiful modern touch to your bathroom. Specifications can be downloaded below under the “Packages” tab.

36″W x 80″L x 41″H


Recommended Accessories:
Aegis 4 Fold Bath Screen
Seat Pillow/Cushion


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The Ella Big4Two Walk In Tub Outward Swing Door Triple Massage walk-in tub is a large seater that allows for a roomy bath with your significant other. The Ella Big4Two Walk In Tub comes with a textured slip resistant floor, therapeutic air and hydro massage jetting, an outward swing door with a low step threshold for easy access, an ANTI-Scald thermostatic control valve, and dual 2-inch drains for fast reliable drainage.

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Ella acrylic walk in baths are constructed of the highest grade cast white acrylic, with an easy to clean gloss finish that is reinforced with fiberglass. The shell is supported by a stainless-steel frame for durability during installation. The supporting frame allows for simple above the floor drain installation and convenient access to the underside of the tub. The Big4Two Models also come with two front access panels and an end panel. The Ella Big4Two Walk In Tub hydro massage walk in bathtub features 22 strategically positioned hydro jets, complemented by an in-line water heater, anti-scald thermostatic control valve, and flow rate control for hydro massage. Designer chrome fixtures and user-friendly controls put the finishing touch on this relaxing and therapeutic bathing experience.

Model # Jetting Drain/Door Faucet Option
O2SA3680TF Triple 2″ dual HB
O2SA3680T Triple 2″ dual No Faucet
O2SA3680TM Triple Microbubble 2″ dual HB
O2SA3680TM Triple Microbubble 2″ dual No Faucet
O2SA3680TFH Triple + Heat 2″ dual HB
O2SA3680TH Triple + Heat 2″ dual No faucet
O2SA3680TMFH Triple Microbubble Heat 2″ dual HB
O2SA3680TMH Triple Microbubble Heat 2″ dual No Faucet