Deck Mount Huntington Brass Modern Roman Faucet for Bathtub

The Huntington Brass 5 Piece Fast Fill Roman Tub Faucet with pull out multi-function hand shower is perfect for your walk in bathtub or any bathtub where fill time matters. The fill time for this fast fill faucet will vary based on house water pressure, bathers, and bathtub size. At 18gpm average fill time for an Ella Elite Dual Massage Walk in Tub unoccupied is about 9 minutes. If desired the pull out hand shower can be used for shower while the bathtub is filled to stay warm.

The Huntington Brass Faucet comes with a designer spout, a pull out hand shower mixer, a spout and hand shower diverter, and a hot and cold diverter. The faucet has an 18gpm average fill time which is important when it comes to walk in bathtubs as the bather needs to wait for the walk in tub to fill whilst inside. The Huntington Brass Faucet is a great alternative to the Ella Original Brand Faucet Set.



  • Jewel Arched Solid Brass Spout
  • 3/4″ Valve, 3/4″ Ports
  • Ceramic Disc Cartidges
  • Quick Connect Spout Installation
  • NPS Connections
  • 18 GPM (Average) @ 60 PSI


Retail: $525

Call to Order  312-666-3552

Huntington Brass Roman Tub Faucet

The Huntington Brass 5pcs Fast Fill Roman Tub Faucet is our more modern option when compared to the Jandon Faucet, which is our more traditional option. However, the Huntington Brass faucet utilizes a 3/4″ supply line (not included)  and a flow rate of 18gpm, while the Jandon comes with 1/2″ supply lines and a flow rate of 14-16gpm. (Please note that flow rates depend on household water pressure.) The Huntington Brass Faucet is available on the Ella Elite, Petite and Royal Walk In Tubs and also comes standard on the Ella Ultimate Walk In Tub.

Made by Huntington Brass and UPC certified this is reliable and beautiful faucet will last for years to come.  UPC and ISO SO 9001-2000 certification means that Huntington Brass has passed rigorous tests for quality in every aspect of its operations, meeting the most stringent of international standards.

  • ASME A112.18 Compliant
  • Listed IAPMO/UPC & cUPC
  • ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Building and Facilities – 4.27. Controls and Mechanisms