Deck Mount Thermostatic Control Valve 5 Piece Faucet Set for Walk-In Bathtub

The Ella Walk-In Bath Thermostatic Control Valve 5 Piece Faucet Set comes with a designer spout, two 2 way diverters with ADA compatible handles, a thermostatic control valve, and a pull out hand held shower mixer with 5′ retractable stainless steel hose.


Standard On Dual Massage Models:

Cleaning and replacement of TCV cartridge due to calcium or other particle buildup in water is the customer’s responsibility. Ella’s Bubbles will provide cleaning of the cartridges or replacement of TCV at no cost if they are shipped to Ella’s Bubbles facility.


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Ella Faucet Set with Thermostatic Control Valve

The Ella Faucet Set comes with comes with a designer spout, two 2 way diverters with ADA compatible handles, a thermostatic control valve, and a pull out hand held shower mixer with 5′ retractable stainless steel hose. The hand picked chrome finish design offers a sleek modern look to add to your walk in bathtub. The chrome finish gives the entire Ella Faucet set a beautiful polished aesthetic. The set also comes with a thermostatic control valve for extra safety and comfort. The Ella Faucet  Set is available on the Ella Deluxe, CompanionElite, Petite and Royal Walk In Tubs and also comes standard on the Ella Ultimate Walk In Tub.

What is a Thermostatic Control Valve?

The purpose of a Thermostatic Control Valve (TCV) is to regulate the temperature of water before it reaches your sink or bathtub faucet. A TCV ensures constant temperature of water by blending hot water with cold water to prevent scalding or thermal shock. There are circumstances where inlet temperature and pressure are inconsistent and pose potential danger to a bather.  Responding to these variations in temperature and pressure is the only way to ensure maximum bather safety. To learn more about the Thermostatic Control Valve click here.

How to use the Thermostatic Control Valve 

The thermostatic control valve can be used in a similar manner to any other control valve. There are two dots, one red(hot) and one blue(cold), to indicate water temperature. Simply twist the valve to towards the color to increase or decrease the temperature. The TCV will have an automatic setting of 100.4­­° which is a safe and warm temperature. The valve will not twist farther into the hot side without pushing the handle in first. This is a safety feature to prevent the water from getting scalding hot by accident.

To learn how to clean a TCV click here. To learn how to change a TCV click here.

Thermostatic Control Valve Diagram

Hand Shower Diverters

Hand Shower and Spout Diverters

The purpose of the hand shower and spout diverters are to turn them on or off. Just twist the hand shower diverter into the on position and water comes out of the hand shower. Sliding the diverter into the off position blocks the flow of water to to the appropriate hose. The same can be said of the spout. These diverters can be turned on and off independently or simultaneously depending on your preference. Each diverter has a little icon engraved on the top of the it. One icon shows a spout and the other a hand shower. These icons indicate which diverter controls which water outlet. Both diverters come with the option of adding an extension to the handles to provide easier grip and access.

Woman Using Hand Shower Hose Extension
Hand Shower Mixer

The included hand shower mixer is light and narrow to provide a comfortable grip. It comes with a 5′ long retractable braided stainless steel flexible hose that easily slides out for easier access to the hand shower. The hand shower mixer has 3 settings and is perfect for keeping you warm while your bathtub fills with water. The hand shower mixer has the option to come with an extension hose to ensure water won’t leak behind your walk in bath tub. With the extension hose you can wall mount your hand mixer to create a relaxing shower-like experience. Click here to download a PDF of instructions to install the extension hose properly.