Cultured Marble Shower Bases

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Cultured Marble Low Threshold Reversible Shower Bases

Cultured Marble Shower Base
30″x60″ (Reversible)

Cultured Marble Shower Base 30″x60″ (Reversible)

Cultured Marble Shower Base
32″x60″ (Reversible)

Ella’s Bubbles offers 30” x 60”, 32” x 60”, and 36” x 60“ cultured marble shower bases. These reversible shower bases are finished on all 4 sides and can be installed for a left or right shower. These one-piece shower bases are sturdy, easy to clean and maintain, and will require at least two people to handle it when carrying into the bathroom. These bases are supplied with 3 fiberglass tile flanges which are easy to install on the sides of the base. We recommend using 100% silicone for a guaranteed seal. If you’re looking to special order a cultured marble shower base, we can do that too!

Please make sure to visit our 8, 6, or 4-panel shower wall and accessory pages for more customization options. Feel free to either call for more details, or simply fill out the contact form on our website with any questions you may have and one of our team members will respond ASAP.

$ 782.00
$ 586.00

Cultured Marble Shower Bases

Cultured Marble Shower Base 36″x60″

$ 709.00
$ 555.00