8 Panel Shower Wall Surrounds

Ella 8-Piece Cultured Marble Shower Wall Surrounds

Ella’s Bubbles offers 11 models of Cultured Marble 8-panel shower wall surrounds in size of 36” Wide x 60” Long x 90” High. 11 different color, pattern, finish options will give you the ability to choose a shower that suits you and your home. Ranging from contemporary to classic we have options for all styles.

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These extremely appealing wall covering panels have the same luxurious look and feel as natural marble and are also easy to clean and maintain unlike a tiled surround. Time, esthetics and cost savings are benefits of choosing cultured marble. The Ella 8-panel shower walls are designed for home improvement industry and are perfect alternative for DIY residential market and single drop-ship orders. The 8, 6 or piece shower kit is shipped on a flat, well protected 64”x40” custom designed honeycomb pallet. The shipping costs are much lower than common large commercial size shower wall crates. They are easier and safer to carry into the bathroom by a single person without risking breaking the large panels and the need for 2 or more people to help. The Ella Multi-Piece showers offer unique customization options of panels and accessories. Please visit our 6-panel, 4-panel, shower base and accessories pages for more options. Feel free to call for more details or fill out the contact form with any questions you may have and one of our team members will respond ASAP.

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