Comparison Charts – Low Threshold Showers

 StandardFreedomPlus 24Plus 36Prestige
# of Grab Bars 4333
Grab Bar Finish Polished Stainless SteelSatin Finish Stainless SteelSatin Finish Stainless SteelWhite Vinyl Covered
Grab Bar Type One (1) Round and Three (3)
16 in. Curved
Three (3) 24 in. StraightThree (3) 36 in. StraightOne (1) Round and One (1)
18 in. Straight
ADA Compliant*     
Seat TypeBuilt-InBuilt-InBuilt-InBuilt-InBuilt-In
Seat Maximum Weight Requirement LBS     
iBox Included    
Shower Fixtures: Handheld Shower, Diverter    
Shower Rod & Curtain Included     
Hansgrohe Components    
Ponte Giulio Components    
Grabcessories Components    
Drain Kit Included
Collapsible Dam with End Caps     
* For only ADA Compliant model sizes. See shower size chart.
• = included in package

 = not included in package