Baignoire pour 2 personnes

Baignoire Companion Two Seat, Air + Hydro + Massage des pieds indépendant 32″x60″ (81cm x 152cm)

2 Person Bathtub: Health benefits and all you need to know

There’s nothing more soothing than a warm evening bath with your partner after a very long day. Not only will you get to ease off the stress, but you also get to spend some quality time with the one person you love. Ella’s bubbles walk-in bathtubs give couples the chance to enjoy a therapeutic bath coupled with the soft, gentle touch of your partner.

Imagine a walk-in bathtub that’s big enough for two! You could just sit in for a while, with dim lights, a bottle of wine, maybe with some soft romantic blues. How fun is that? Ella’s two-seated walk-in bathtub is designed to give couples the best experience yet.

These two-seated-walk-in bathtubs could also play a significant role in strengthening couples’ bond as most couples do not get to spend much time together. So, make every minute spent together count with the Ella’s companion bathing cruise. You know what they say about good health being the offspring of a good life? Well, no one says that, but it’s true!

Nothing goes better with comfort than a touch of luxury. The bathtubs come with a massage extension, adding a spa spice to your bathing experience.

Asides from these, the companion bathing cruise also has several significant health benefits. For older partners who require bathing assistance, the Ella walk-in bathtubs provide a seamless atmosphere for this. Partners can assist persons who are also going through a recovery process during a bath.

The Ella Two Seated Walk-In Bathtubs; Fit For Different Situations

With multiple available sizes, couples can have as much space as they’d like during bath. These bathtubs make couples’ bathe more comfortable and memorable. Older couples can also enjoy the pleasures of getting wet together – pun intended.

Here is a list of the different sizes and models of our walk-in tubs:

  • Le Big4Two model with a 36” width by 80” length size dimension;
  • Le Tub4Two model with a 32” width by 60” length size dimension;
  • Le Un compagnon model with a 30” width by 60” length size dimension

These different sizes and models have peculiar features and a couple of general ones. On a general note, all the models offer an outward swing walk-in door and a non-electric drain system at the center. Apart from the fantastic experience, these features also allow for more space and comfort for both partners.

The Companion Model

This particular model comes with a higher level of user comfort. It has a removable brushed stainless-steel door with tempered glass. All of these make the Companion model the easiest to maintain. The companion model comes with a control valve, dual massage option, and ozone sterilization. These make it the right model for couples who are interested in their health and their partners’.

Baignoire pour 2 personnes

The Tub4Two Model

Not only does this model come with an outward swing door, which makes it easier to ‘walk-in,’ it also comes with a control valve and a hydro-jet massage to help both partners to a relaxing bath. Ozone sterilization and chemotherapy are also available. It is a much larger model than the earlier version.

The Tub4Two model is also great for after work-out rehabilitation. Couples who workout or take yoga classes together can have a refreshing shower together after rigorous sessions. It is perfectly fitted for recreational use. Couples can sit in, meditate, and have intimate conversations or other intimate activities.

The Big4Two Model

When it comes to bathtub space, the more the merrier! Just as the name of this model suggests, there is more than sufficient space for two. It also comes with an outward swing door, dual massage option, and ozone sterilization to go along with the available space. It is a good pick for athletes who are just recovering from an injury. With enough space, they are able to stretch out without any worry of colliding with someone else.

Research shows that couples who enjoy intimate sessions, such as a relaxing couple bath, have a better shot at a healthier immune system and heart rate. Not just that, taking a relaxing bath can benefit their joints and muscles, balance hormones, and moisturize their skin. The peace and comfort they enjoy during those situations, coupled with the fantastic features of the walk-in tubs, could help couples to better health status.

Ella’s walk-in bathtubs also help with skin treatment via its microbubble therapy. For older couples who cannot reach certain body parts during a bath, the tiny bubbles that emanate from the water jets contain oxygen content that helps with skin cleansing. This could help with skin hydration and rejuvenation.

Ella’s walk-in bathtubs are popular with older couples. However, they offer soothing benefits to couples of all age brackets. Check out some of our high-quality bathtubs products today. You’d be glad you did!

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