Walk-In Tub Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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Popular Questions

How long has Ella’s been in business?

Ella’s Bubbles has been in business since 2005.


Does it take very long for the tub to fill and drain? Won’t I get cold waiting?

At Ella’s Bubbles we take pride in the fact that our tubs fill quickly and drain quickly. Our 2 Piece and 5 Piece Fast Fill Faucets deliver between 16 and 18 gallons per minute. An average sized walk-in tub takes only about 7 minutes to fill, plus we offer an optional heated seat and backrest for extra comfort and warmth. In terms of quick drain times, Ella’s is the only walk-in tub manufacturer with dual drain technology. Dual, oversized four port t-type drains provide the fastest gravity driven drain system in the industry. An average sized Ella walk-in tub will drain in approximately 80 seconds under ideal conditions. Quick drain times means minimal wait times!


Aren’t powered drain pumps faster?

No, not necessarily. Powered pumps can fail on their own and if there is a power failure, they won’t work at all. Our natural gravity driven drains are fast and reliable.


Will the water stay warm in my Tub?

Ella brand walk-in tubs with the hydro jetting option have an in-line water heater installed right on the hydro pump and is designed to maintain the temperature of the water that filled the tub. The in-line water heater keeps the water in your tub at a consistent, comfortable temperature so you can bathe as long as you like! It works automatically, so you never have to worry about it!


Aren’t all walk-in tubs similar in design?

No! Ella brand walk-in bathtubs have over 20 different model options. Our tubs have a wide range of door styles, overall size, jetting options, and other therapeutic options.
Please visit https://ellasbubbles.com/ to view all of our models and their specifications. Plus, live video chats with our technical support is available upon request. Our technical support agent can show you your bathtub live and lead you in the right direction. You’ll quickly see what Ella’s Bubbles offers the best luxury walk-in tubs at the lowest price.


What about safety? I have limited mobility and I’m worried about easy access to a bathtub?

Ella brand walk-in tubs are easy-in and easy-out with lots of safety features. All of our walk-in tubs have an extra low step in threshold and a textured tub floor for slip resistance. Plus the expertly designed placement of our grab bars helps keep you steady and secure as you enter and exit your tub. Our wide swing L-Shaped door opens with an extra wide opening making entry and exit to your tub effortless. This wide L shaped barrier-free design, allows bathers to easily sit or transfer from a wheelchair into a comfortable, wide molded seat. See the next section below for Ella’s special door features and low thresholds. See our safety video here: Link to safety video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9KXfZD-Fgc


What about the tub doors, are they easy to close? Are they water-tight?

Ella’s Bubbles offers three types of high quality walk-in tub doors. Our inward swing U-shaped door is our most popular and most stylish type of door. It features a custom crafted brushed stainless steel door frame with a frosted glass panel. The chrome locking handle is durable and easy to engage and secures the door with a tight, leak proof seal. Our outward swing U-shaped door comes with a modern looking tempered glass panel and provides a little more room when entering and exiting your tub. Our unique three shaft gear and lock mechanism seals the door securely and the chrome locking lever needs little effort and is easy to engage. Our oversize L-shaped door is designed for larger bathers who need extra room, or for bathers in a wheelchair. This extra wide, L shaped barrier-free design, allows bathers to easily sit or transfer from a wheelchair into a comfortable, wide molded seat. It comes with a robust two latch gear and shaft locking mechanism which also provides a tight, leak proof seal. All of Ella’s walk-in tub doors have a strong, durable, integrated gasket that seals the door tightly and completely.


Which walk-in tub is the right one for me?

With over 20 different models to choose from, Ella’s Bubbles has the right tub for you. Our walk-in tubs range from the compact Front Entry and Petite to the midsize Royal and Monaco, all the way up to the largest single seat walk-in tub on the planet, The ShaK. We also offer a series of luxurious two seat walk in tubs, the only walk-in tub manufacturer to do so! Enjoy the intimate luxury of bathing with your partner, or enjoy the ease of assisted bathing with our roomy two seat tubs. Please see our How to Choosepage for a detailed explanation of which walk-in tub would suit you the best.


Which walk-in tub will fit in my home?

Ella walk-in bathtubs are delivered as one unit. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure you correctly measure the width of your doorways from the main entrance all the way to the bathroom, including all the turning angles where you would need to carry your walk-in bathtub through the house into the bathroom. To learn more about choosing the right walk-in bathtub for you, please click here: Ella’s Bubbles | How to Choose a Walk In Bathtub


What about jetting options? What’s available in each tub?

Again, Ella’s Bubbles has over 20 walk-in tubs to choose from. Each tub has a wide variety of jetting options. Since Ella brand walk-in tubs are famous for their innovative jetting design, you can be sure that the jetting package you order will cover parts of your body that other tub manufacturers often don’t pay attention to. Our superior pumps and strategically placed jets deliver a more refreshing, more invigorating experience than any of our competitors. Depending on the tub you choose, you can order a varied combination of air and hydro packages. Plus we offer Infusion micro-bubble therapy. And only Ella’s Bubbles offers independent foot massage. No other walk-in tub manufacturer offers this option. There’s no need to fill your entire tub to experience a delightful hydro foot massage. Simply fill the footwell, sit back, relax and experience a luxurious hydro foot massage. Contact us directly for more information about our exclusive Independent foot massage feature.


What are the different benefits of Hydro massage, air massage and micro-bubbles?

Larger bathers or bathers that have mobility challenges will specifically benefit from the three speed air massage with bidet jets that can be helpful with hard-to-reach places. Bathers who have circulatory issues such as diabetes, hypertension, or amputation may benefit from a hydrotherapy jetted walk-in tub with intensity control dial. The bather can adjust the strength of the water jet stream to their own comfort level with the simple turn of a dial. Turning the dial up adds more air into the jet stream, turning it down reduces the amount of air. The strategically placed jets massage the feet, legs, calves, hips and back, delivering an invigorating, relaxing experience. Bathers who have skin conditions may benefit from our Infusion microbubble feature. The microbubble system generates micro air bubbles into the water that are less than 50 microns. The water in the tub will turn milky white as literally billions of microbubbles are generated. These microbubbles penetrate the first layer of skin and become a natural exfoliant. Some of our customers have told us that microbubble therapy has helped them with psoriasis and eczema, as well as leaving their skin feeling softer, more hydrated, and overall healthier.


Are walk-in bathtubs hard to clean and maintain?

Not at all. Periodically (approximately once a month) the walk-in bathtub should be filled with water and a few ounces of white vinegar. The air and hydro pumps should be turned on and run for about 10-15 minutes. This helps prevent any calcification. The tub will then need to be drained. It is not necessary to flush the tub after each use. Any stubborn stains or marks can be removed with denatured alcohol or an acrylic bathtub surface cleaning supplies found locally. Please visit the product page of your selected walk-in bathtub and view the installation and maintenance instructions under the “Downloads” tab.

Keep in mind that all of Ella’s Bubbles jetted walk-in tubs come with two automated ways of keeping your tub clean. The first is our eco-friendly ozone generator. When you run your tub’s hydro massage feature, natural ozone is generated to keep the tub fresh and clean for each use. Tubs with our three speed air massage feature come with auto-purge. 20 minutes after your bath, the auto-purge function will turn on and clear the tub’s air system of standing water. It does this automatically and will sound like the tub’s jets are running. Don’t worry, it’s just the tub keeping itself clean!


Is there a weight or size limit for the seat in a walk-in tub?

If the customer can comfortably fit in the tub, the bathtub will hold the bather’s weight.
We have many different sizes and shapes of walk-in tubs, so please have a look at our complete line of tubs and their specifications. We have several tubs that can accommodate bariatric bathers if that is an issue as well.

Are walk-in bathtub seats comfortable?

Yes, very! Ella walk-in bathtubs come with custom molded acrylic seats. These seats are both sturdy and comfortable. The comfort level will depend on your body size and on the length or width of the seat. Please check each tub’s specifications to see the varied sizes of each seat. You can also contact us directly to help you select your best option. A live video chat can easily be arranged upon request and we can walk you through any of our tubs in person over a mobile device! To make a correct walk-in bathtub size selection, we recommend that the bather measures their hips, shoulder width, and the bather’s extended legs in a relaxed sitting position.

For more information, please visit our “How To Choose Page”:
Ella’s Bubbles | How to Choose a Walk In Bathtub (ellasbubbles.com)

What about the price? How much do these tubs cost?

We will gladly provide you with our transparent pricing information after we know which bathtub style, size and therapy option you would like. To get exact pricing and to select all the appropriate convenience features, please contact our sales agents. Live video chats with our technical support team are also available upon request. Our technical support agent can show you your bathtub live and lead you in the right direction.


I’m not sure I can afford the walk-in tub I want.

We have several great tubs and many affordable options! Please call us at 800-480-6850 and someone will be happy to discuss your options! We also offer financing: https://ellasbubbles.com/walk-in-bathtub-financing-payment-plan-options/


Can you lie down in a walk-in tub?

Walk-in bathtubs are specifically designed for seated bathing, therefore laying down in a walk-in bathtub is not recommended and could be hazardous. The comfortable reclining angle of our seats will allow for a relaxed seated position so the upper body can be immersed in the water. The length of the seat and the height of the bather will ultimately determine how far a person can recline. If a single bather uses one of our two seat tubs, then that bather could potentially put his or her feet up on the other seat to stretch out.

We do offer two Lay Down bathtub models with side door access: Lay Down 30” x 60” and Lay Down 32” x 72”


What happens if there’s a leak or if a part on my Ella walk-in tub breaks?

In case of any technical problems, please contact our technical support via phone, email, or Live Chat (at ellasbubbles.com during business hours). Please be prepared to share a description of the problem and photographic evidence with us. We suggest setting up a video chat so we can effectively help resolve any issues you may have.


How many gallons does it take to fill the tub?

Since Ella’s Bubbles has over twenty different models to choose from, the size of the tub you choose will determine how many gallons of water it takes to fill. You will find each tub’s complete specifications on the download page associated with each tub on our website.


What size water heater should I have?

Ella’s Bubbles recommends you have the largest hot water heater available for your particular home. If you purchase one of our average to larger sized tubs, we highly recommend that you have a 75 gallon hot water heater or more. This is especially the case if you are interested in one of our two seat tubs or our largest tub, the ShaK.


Is it possible to shower in a walk-in bathtub?

All of Ella’s fast fill faucet sets come with an extendable, multi function handshower, but we also offer a shower column kit that can be installed on your walk-in tub. This would allow you to either stand or sit and enjoy a shower safely. We have detailed instructions on how a shower column should be installed correctly to eliminate leaks.

A Shower Column Kit can be purchased and installed with any Ella fast-fill faucet. You can view details here: https://ellasbubbles.com/product/ella-shower-column-kit-for-walk-in-tubs/

Please see more helpful information here: https://ellasbubbles.com/product/barrel-extension-hose-kit/


What if I open the door with water in the tub?

We highly recommend that you never do this. This would flood your bathroom and potentially damage your home. If you need to exit your tub quickly, our gravity driven dual drain system will eliminate the water in your tub in approximately 80 seconds under ideal conditions.


Can I enter the tub with water already in it?

This is considered dangerous behavior and we do not recommend this. Since our tubs fill quickly in about 7 minutes with our 2 piece and 5 piece fast fill faucets and can be outfitted with heated seats and backrests, wait times are minimal and you’ll be able enjoy your warm bath quickly with minimal wait times.


Does Insurance cover any part of the cost? I am a veteran, does the VA offer any assistance?

Unfortunately, we do not work with insurance companies or the VA, but you should contact your insurance agent to see what you’re covered for. We do offer financing through PayPal, Credit and Klarna.

If you have more questions regarding Medicare or Medicaid we suggest the following links:


For Veterans, use these links for more information:
What Veterans Benefits Can be Used on Walk-in Bathtubs?
Department of Veterans Affairs Grant Information- Home Modifications


Do your bathtubs come with a warranty?

Yes, Ella’s Bubbles offers a limited lifetime warranty for parts* during the lifetime of the original customer, living at the address of installation. Additionally, lifetime technical support is included with the purchase of an Ella’s Bubbles bathtub. Technical support is available via call, email, Video Chat, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, WeChat and more.

Click here to see the warranty: ellasbubbles_warranty.pdf (dropbox.com)


I’m ready to buy an Ella’s Bubbles walk-in tub. What’s the next step?

Feel free to contact us via the online form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Or, click on “Get Quote” or “Contact Us”. You can always click on Live Chat at ellasbubbles.com during business hours and one of our agents will reply as soon as they can. Please check this page to learn how to choose a walk-in bathtub: https://ellasbubbles.com/how-to-choose-a-walk-in-bathtub/


Can I put epsom salts or bath bombs in my Ella’s walk-in tub?

Yes. Epsom salts are fine for use with your walk-in tub and will not harm the jetting system. We do recommend that you rinse your tub after their use however.
Bath salts and bath bombs are not recommended as they may have long term effects on mechanics of your walk-in tub, but they can be used. The potential harm to your jetted tub comes from the oils, dye, Confetti, glitter, and floral material that is sometimes added to bath bombs. They should be used sparingly, and the tub should be thoroughly rinsed after use.


Does a walk-in tub increase the value of my home?

Not necessarily as this dependent on customer desire, but if you are selling your home with your walk-in tub and a potential buyer has specific needs that would be helped by a walk-in tub, then it might add some extra value to your home. It is also important to note that a Walk In Bathtub is worth significantly more than the typical bathtub.


Where are Ella walk-in tubs manufactured?

Our bathtub shells are manufactured in our partner factories in Asia, then assembled, jetted and tested in Chicago, IL USA. Every one of our safe, luxury bathtubs are made to order, giving you full customization on therapy options and features.

See our Chicago production and warehouse facility video here: https://youtu.be/-V3zPefGRWo

Technical Questions

Do I need to flush the unit before and after use?

No. Ella Brand walk-in tubs that have air and/or hydro jetting come with two functions that keep the tub clean during and after each use. The ozone generator works in concert with the hydro massage system keeping it free from mold and mildew. When you turn on your hydro massage, the ozone generator comes on as well. Auto purge is a feature that works with the air massage system. 20 minutes after turning your tub off, auto purge automatically turns on and blows the moisture out of the air lines in your tub for two minutes. This also helps prevent mold and mildew. Don’t be alarmed if it seems as if the tub has turned itself on, it’s just the auto purge blowing the moisture out of the lines. We do recommend however, that once a month or so, you fill the tub, add a few ounces of white vinegar and run it for 10-15 minutes. This will help prevent any calcification in the tub.


Where do I find instruction manuals?

Every walk-in bathtub installation manual, warranty or other pdf documents can be found on our website at ellasbubbles.com, under the “Downloads” tab on each product page. Additional resources, such as instructional videos, can be found on our website or on our YouTube channel. If you have any further questions, you can call or fill out the form in “Contact Us” or engage in “Live Chat” at ellasbubbles.com during business hours. Keep in mind that we also offer live video chats to show you your tub and explain what and how the installation needs to be done to you or your contractor.


What type of electrical wiring will I need for my walk-in tub?

The house wiring for the bathtub will be determined by your professional electrician who will calculate the total amperage for each electrical pump or component. For example, if you only have one 5AMP hydro pump with a 7 AMP in-line water heater, it’s a total of 12 AMPs. Since breakers are available in increments of 5 Amps, the breaker size must be rounded up; for example 12 AMPs should have a 15 AMP GFCI protected breaker. Walk-in bathtubs, as with any other bathtubs with electrical parts, will require a dedicated GFCI protected electrical line. Consult with your local licensed electrician.


Who can install my Ella’s Walk-In Tub?

It’s best to hire licensed and experienced contractors who are aware of the local building construction requirements and codes. Experienced electricians and plumbers will be able to install the bathtub by following our installation manuals and directions by Ella’s technical support team. Live video chat with our technical support is available upon request. Our technical support agent can show you your bathtub live and lead you in the right direction. We never charge for installation, but we have a network of qualified installers that can help you.


Can I place my walk-in tub in an alcove? Will it affect maintenance?

By placing the walk-in bathtub snugly into a 3 wall opening, it would create limited access for maintenance since the both ends of the tub will be enclosed. However, the removable front apron has access panels for maintenance purposes. Most Ella walk-in tubs come with one reversible end panel included for left or right corner installation. If you need to cover both ends as the tub is installed, please purchase an additional end panel. Talk to your installer about installing wall access panels for easy servicing to avoid future costs relating to drywall removal, repair, and painting. Ella’s Bubbles does not cover service costs as a part of our warranty so any future labor costs would be at the owner’s expense.


How do I get the best seal between my tub and the bathroom wall?

The walk-in bathtub deck design is flat, allowing for the tile or wall panel to overlap the tile flange and the deck for a proper seal and to have enough distance between the controls and the wall. It is suggested to install the tile flange to the edge of the bathtub with 100% silicone before pushing the walk-in tub against the wall into the place. Any thin (1/8″ or 3/16″) rust-proof and waterproof material like acrylic, thin stainless steel, or fiberglass strip can be used as a tile flange. A tile flange can also be supplied by a contractor (available online). The strip can be approximately 5″ tall, just enough to be glued to the edge of the tub and overlap the edge by 2″ giving enough water barrier. Silicone-based caulking must be applied to joints.


Why are the faucets placed so far from the bather?

Faucets are positioned farther from the seat and closer to a small front access panel to gain maintenance access if needed. Also, the front of the tub deck is wider to allow the faucet installation. Ella walk-in bathtubs are designed with maximum interior space and comfort so the deck width is narrow, and faucets can be installed at the end of the tub. However, it is possible to order the bathtub with faucets not installed on the tub and custom placement of the faucets can be done by your contractor if desired.


What’s the difference between your two and five piece faucets sets?

The main difference between the 2 and 5-Piece faucet is that the 2-piece faucet saves deck space (as there are two pieces as opposed to 5). In addition, the fill rate is 16 gallons per minute for the 2-Piece and 18 gallons per minute for the 5-Piece faucet.

More information can be found here:

Two piece: https://ellasbubbles.com/product/ella-2-piece-single-lever-fast-fill-faucet/

Five Piece: https://ellasbubbles.com/product/ella-5-piece-fast-fill-faucet-walk-in-tub-accessories/


What’s the difference between your drain system and a powered drain system?

Although powered pumps are effective, they can fail on their own; and if there is a power failure, they won’t work at all. They can also overwhelm your house drain system and cause a back up through the tub’s drain vents. Our natural gravity driven drains are fast and reliable and utilize our dual drain technology which offers superior venting for fast, efficient draining. Dual oversized 2 inch drains combined with dual 4 port t-type connections to the house drain create the fastest gravity driven drain system in the industry. Gravity driven drains are safer and more reliable.


Where’s the best place for the water lines for my tub?

Ella 2-Piece or 5-Piece fast fill faucets include two (2) five-foot long water supply lines, which must be connected to the shut off valves near the tub. Most non-Ella brand faucets may not include supply lines so please check the contents of your purchase. We recommend having water lines with shut off valves placed close to the tub for easy maintenance.


Do you have a touch up or repair kit for your tubs?

We do not, but our technical support team can assist you with directions and options.


Are the extension panels that are available with Ella’s tubs different sizes?

Yes, the Ella walk-in tubs that are shorter than 60” in length, include one (1) custom size extension panel to fill a three-wall, 60” alcove opening. A few Ella tubs, like the Front Entry or Mobile, do not have extension panels. Contact customer service so someone can help you with detailed information about sizes and extension panels.


I’m interested in the four-fold shower screen, can one of those sections be removed?

Yes, a section of the 4-fold shower screen can be removed to shorten the screen. If needed please request it at time of the order. The glass shower screen can be customized to your tub. For example, on our Big4Two two seat walk in tub, you can have a glass shower screen on both sides of the tub, using three or four panels. To see 4-fold shower screen product page click here:



Can I have additional grab bars installed onto my tub?

We pride ourselves on the strategic placement of our grab bars. Your safety is very important to us. However, if you feel you need extra grab bars, they would have to be attached to the walls surrounding your new tub, not onto your tub. Any modifications made to a tub not done by Ella’s Bubbles would void the warranty.


I’m concerned about hot water scalding, do you offer temperature controlled faucets?

Yes, we offer a Thermostatic Control Valve that can be simply adjusted by pressing a button and turning a knob. Please visit the thermostatic control product page for more information. We recommend you consult with your plumber or installer regarding the best way to control the water temperature via thermostatic controls on the supply lines or at the water heater. These products are available at places like Menards, Lowe’s or Home Depot.