¿Es una bañera sin cita un gasto médico deducible?

Una bañera sin cita de alta calidad, con chorros de agua e instalada profesionalmente es la mejor apuesta para una experiencia de baño rejuvenecedora y terapéutica similar a la de un spa en su propia casa, todos los días. Para las personas mayores, con discapacidad o con problemas de movilidad, una bañera de obra se convierte en una necesidad médica absoluta, mejorando significativamente su independencia, comodidad y bienestar en el baño.

Offering the best in terms of design, acrylic finishes, and therapeutic features such as the innovative Terapia de microburbujas Infusion™, at the most competitive price on the market, and Ella walk-in tub makes for an excellent choice. Even better, people who need such medical equipment can not only benefit from a highly accessible yet first-class walk-in tub, courtesy of Ella’s Bubbles but also from tax deductions. So is a walk-in tub a deductible medical expense?

The answer is really simple – if the walk-in tub is purchased for medical reasons (e.g. if one suffers from a medical condition such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis etc. leading to mobility issues or if one has a disability and depends on having a walk-in tub in their home for bathing), then it is regarded as a medical expense. This means that the purchase price and installation costs of the walk-in tub are tax deductible as medical expenses that one can claim on Schedule A (form 1040 itemized deductions).

According to Publication 502 issued by the Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service, medical expenses include not only payments for medical services provided by health care practitioners, but also the costs of medical supplies, devices, and equipment needed to alleviate, treat, or prevent physical and mental diseases or disabilities (e.g. head trauma, leg, arm or hip fractures).

One can deduct on Schedule A only the portion of their medical (and dental) expenses that exceed 7.5% of their adjusted gross income (AGI). A minimum of 65 years of age is required for this tax deduction. Those younger than 65 can still make a tax deduction when their medical expenses are in excess of 10% of their AGI.

If someone cares for their elderly parents and decides to have a walk-in bathtub installed in their parents’ home, then the homeowner can claim this medical expense under the Dependent Care (or Aging Parent) Tax Credit. In addition, many states permit tax filers to deduct a portion of their federal Dependent Tax Credit from their state tax returns. The District of Columbia and 22 states currently offer tax credits for dependent care.  

If you are looking to purchase an accessible Ella acrylic walk-in bathtub for yourself or a loved one, then feel free to contact Ella’s Bubbles online or by calling 800-480-6850 for any inquiries you may have about Ella walk-in tubs or for a free, no-obligation quote. When you choose an Ella walk-in tub, you get the best value for the money. Coupled with the tax deductions you’re entitled to, you can rest assured that an Ella walk-in tub is the best and most affordable solution to your complete independence, comfort, and well-being in your own bathroom.

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