¿Cómo hacer que una bañera sea segura para los ancianos?

Cómo hacer una bañera segura para personas mayores

How To Make A Bathtub Safe For The Elderly?

We are a walk-in tub manufacturer. We believe the best way to ensure that your bathing experience is the safest when you use an Ella walk-in bathtub. The following are additional bathroom safety tips that can help prevent injuries while taking a bath in your home.

Balance and mobility issues become areas of concern as seniors grow older. Unfortunately, the risk of falls and slips increase, especially surrounding the bathtub in the bathroom.

Research reveals that nearly 80% of falls occur in bathrooms and because of this making your elderly loved one’s bathtub safer is one of the most important things you can do. This is according to the National Institute of Aging.

Thankfully, there is one very inexpensive way to dramatically improve your loved one’s bathtub safety which is an easy fix.

Bathroom Grab Bars

Installing grab bars

A grab a bar is literally what you think it is. It is a bar designed to allow an elderly person to grab onto it while entering and exiting the bathtub. Installing grab bars in and around bathtubs not only provide psychological support, it also makes the physical act of entering and exiting a bathtub for a senior much more safe and straightforward. By allowing seniors to continue basic everyday hygiene activities without the fear of falling, they will be able to remain independent in the home longer.

The following areas are where grab bars can be most useful.

  • Next to the faucet handle.
  • At the entrance of the bathtub.
  • Attached to the bathtub’s sides.
  • Along the side wall of the bathtub.

Depending on the exact needs of the person involved, including their height, weight and strength, where exactly you place the grab bars can vary. Try placing the grab bars in areas that allow the person to maintain their balance when entering and exiting the tub.

Here are the two most important locations

At the bathtub’s entrance

Installing a vertical grab bar near the entrance to the bathtub is a good idea. Placing it on the side wall allows the senior to safely enter and exit the bathtub while supporting themselves.

On a bathtub’s wall

You have a couple of different options when placing a grab bar inside a bathtub. You can either position it above a faucet or on the side wall of the tub area.

Do not use suction-based grab bars

While the suction grab bar may appear like a user friendly solution, they are not designed to fully support body weight. They might come loose if they suddenly have to grab for the bar or even rely on it to hold them up. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of these companies, suction cups release with no warning and installing these in the bathtub of a mobility impaired loved one could cause more damage than good.

Other things that can increase bathtub safety for the elderly

  • Placing a nonslip mat on the bottom of the bathtub floor
  • Installing a high-quality handheld shower head
  • A non-slip mat should be placed on the outside of the bathtub
  • Bathing items should be easily within reach of the person in the bathtub (towels, shampoo, soaps, etc.)
  • Keep a cellphone on a lanyard so it is with in reach from the ground in the bathroom incase of a fall.
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