Beneficios de bañarse con su pareja en una bañera de dos asientos Walk-In de Ella's Bubbles

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In the busy world we live in today, most people tend to consider bathing a chore. However, such an ordinary task can easily be turned into a pleasurable experience when you include your loved one.

Life is hectic and filled with all sorts of monotonous tasks, so most people tend to consider bathing a chore. However, such an ordinary task can easily be turned into a pleasurable experience when a loved one is included.

To help restore the romance in a relationship, consider a walk-in bathtub for two. Not only will washing those hard-to-reach places be easier, the partner bond will also feel renewed and refreshed.

Treated as a ritual, bathing together will help slow down and unwind from the stresses of the day. Focusing on each other reminds couples why they chose to be together in the first place. Indulge the senses without being bothered by disconnecting from the world and focusing on each other, without notifications, phone calls, or glaring screens getting in the way.

The sensual nature of shared bathing has additional benefits as well. Shedding clothes can lower inhibitions, allowing a strong feeling of presence in the moment with a loved one. Kissing and embracing releases oxytocin, a hormone believed to reduce stress and improve the feeling of connectedness, which can also help let go of stress and enhance relaxation. Living stress free will allow for to happier and healthier lifestyle.

Bathing with a partner can be as therapeutic as a couples’ massage. Hydrotherapy, or the use of water to promote health benefits, has been used for thousands of years. From ancient communal baths to natural hot springs, a warm soak has long been used to induce a state of serene tranquility. Massaging or soaking hydrotherapy can be used with cool to hot water to achieve a variety of desired effects. For example, a hot jetted massage bath can reduce and smooth muscle tension and stress relief, while a cool jetted massage bath helps reduce inflammation. Improved circulation has also been associated with massaging hydrotherapy. Virtually anyone from professional athletes to seniors can benefit from this form of therapeutic relief.

Most home spas and hot tubs can be cramped and uncomfortable, not mention many of them requiring outdoor space and tedious maintenance to keep them filled and clean, leaving less time to truly relax. Ella’s Bubbles exclusively offers a new spa-like bathing experience that anyone can enjoy with the largest walk-in bathtub available on the market, the Big4Two.

Ella’s Big4Two is engineered with premium features like jetted air and hydro foot massages, exfoliating Infusion™ Microbubble Therapy, and a sleek design. The Big4Two truly allows couples to safely and comfortably enjoy a soothing bath together in luxury and style.

“For those extra stressful days when you feel like you’ve been on your feet forever, come home and enjoy a water jet foot massage, which is one of many luxurious features in Ella’s Big4Two,” says Laimonis Magone, CEO, Ella’s Bubbles. “All you have to do is fill the Big4Two to seat level in minutes to enjoy. Don’t forget to turn on the heated seats and backrests so they’re warmed up and ready for you to relax and enjoy your favorite book. And when the massage is over, Ella’s gravity driven dual drain technology helps the tub drain fast so there’s no long wait before exiting the tub.”

Installing a walk-in bathtub at home can also allow more flexibility to age-in-place or to accommodate elderly guests. With additional sizes and configurations Para tinas con puerta y accesorios para baño de lujo a un precio razonable que se mantendrán hermosos, no busque más allá de Ella's Bubbles. offers The Companion . Tub4Two, fitting 60″ standard alcove openings and allowing anyone access to a luxury walk-in tub bathing experience.

With a comfortable walk-in bathtub in at home, have a spa-like, pleasurable, and therapeutic stay-at-home-date at anytime. Include a partner for a gratifying experience whenever the mood strikes.

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Beneficios de bañarse con su pareja en una bañera de dos asientos Walk-In de Ella's Bubbles
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