¿Cuál es la diferencia entre las bañeras de paseo Ella Acrylic y Ella Gel Coat?



What is the difference between Ella Acrylic and Ella Gel Coat Walk in Bathtubs?

Acrylic gloss finish is an easy to clean, non porous material vs. gel coat fiberglass tubs which are a spray on gel coat surface. 

Ella’s Bubbles offers Acrylic and Gel Coat Walk in Bathtubs, it is important to understand the differences when selecting which one is right for you. Both bathtubs are made with fiberglass reinforcement, however the main difference is found in the surface. The Acrylic bathtubs are formed from a solid sheet of material resulting in a brilliant finish that is nonporous, impermeable to mold and mildew, long lasting, and easy to maintain. Gel Coat bathtubs are formed with fiberglass and plywood backing that provides the versatility to make durable, long lasting walk in bathtubs in a variety of sizes and applications that cannot be achieved with Acrylic material. Only the finest Marine Grade materials are used. Together both materials provide many luxurious options for bathrooms and bathers of all shapes and sizes.

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Gelcoat walk in tubs consist of a gelcoat layer sprayed on a mold and a layer of fiberglass over that to reinforce it. Then it is backed with wood and more fiberglass for extra versatility and durability.


With Acrylic walk in tubs we heat the acrylic sheet and vacuum form it over a mold. Then we spray and roll a layer of fiberglass over it for extra durability and insulation. This process is a little more complicated but it creates one smooth seamless surface that results in a gloss shine. This surface is nonporous which makes it resistant to fading and it makes it easier to clean. The nonporous material also makes it more resistant to mold and mildew. The Gloss Acrylic option gives you a smooth, white gloss finish whereas the Textured Acrylic gives you a textured, off white finish. Both have the benefits that Acrylic material offers, but each has their own aesthetic.

Gelcoat is a porous material, however it is very important to understand that the quality of the gelcoat walk in baths depends on craftsmanship, experience, and the quality of materials used. Be cautious about cheaper gelcoat walk in bathtubs available on the market as they may not have plenty of layers of gelcoat sprayed on and polished to perfection to achieve the long lasting, easy to clean surface. Gelcoat does have more versatile options and sizes that cannot be achieved with acrylic because of the nature of the material and the process of making it. Whichever material you choose from Ella’s Bubbles you will get a long lasting, durable walk-in bathtub that is backed with a warranty.

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Ella’s nation wide authorized resellers and professional installer network provides walk in tub installation services throughout the USA. If you have a question about walk in tubs for your home, talk with one of our certified installers for more information.Call Ella’s Bubbles at 800-480-6850 o contact us to speak with an expert or to schedule a walk in bath installation in your home today.
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