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Benefits of Bathing With Your Partner in a Two-Seat Walk-In Bathtub from Ella’s Bubbles

Check Out Our Two Person Walk In Tub Product Pages Quick View Outward Swing Door Big4Two Two Seat Acrylic Outward Swing Door Walk-In Bathtub with Independently Operated Foot Massage Quick View Outward Swing Door Tub4Two Two Seat Acrylic Outward Swing Door Walk-In Bathtub Quick View Inward Swing Door The Companion Two Seat Inward Swing Door [...]

Safety Bathtubs For Seniors

When you wake up in the morning and want to clean yourself, are you afraid of falling or having an accident in the shower? Have you tried to use store bought shower chairs that are flimsy and unstable? Have you fallen while bathing in the past leaving you in fear that it could happen again? Does the bating process leave you feeling exhausted instead of refreshed? Hand rails are helpful but they don’t come close to solving the problems of people with difficulties using traditional bathing methods. Most common injuries occur in the bathroom for our elder population. Bathing is important for your health and good hygiene. It should not be a difficult event. If you are looking to remain independent as long as possible, you must be able to bathe in a safe and secure manner.

6 Benefits of Walk In Baths

Walk-in baths are a perfect comfort item for seniors and disabled. Bathing is much more than just getting clean for most people. It is a time to spend relaxing and rejuvenating in peace at your home. Comfort and convenience have become the most sought after features in terms of bathing experience. For older people bathing with dignity is very important. That is where walk in baths come into play.

What is the difference between Ella Acrylic and Ella Gel Coat Walk In Bathtubs?

What is the difference between Ella Acrylic and Ella Gel Coat Walk in Bathtubs? Acrylic gloss finish is an easy to clean, non porous material vs. gel coat fiberglass tubs which are a spray on gel coat surface.  Ella’s Bubbles offers Acrylic and Gel Coat Walk in Bathtubs, it is important to understand the differences [...]

Walk In Bathtubs for Disabled

Walk In Bathtubs for Disabled and the Aging Population The Baby Boomer generation has started to reach retirement age. With each passing year this generation is aging. Those, born between 1946 and 1964 account for 76 million babies that were born during this time. Over the next 18 years this large segment of our population will retire. [...]