Walk-in Tub Prices

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Walk In Bathtub?

Walk in tub prices can vary greatly. Read the following article to learn what you need to look for when making a decision on a walk in tub for your home.

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Many things do not come as easily to do as we age.

Many seniors have difficulty hearing, reading or performing physical activities.  These difficulties may often be much more definite for seniors living in an assisted living home. Daily tasks can be made more manageable and accessible for it’s residents by the facility and its staff. Elderly or mobility-impaired residents in an assisted living environment often have trouble with out Items like handrails to prevent falling. Easier to manage doors and latches all make life easier for those who do not have the dexterity that they used to.

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The bathroom can be one of the most accident-prone areas of the house for seniors. The floors can be wet, and falls are common.  Making the bathroom area safe is critical in an assisted living or any care environment.  A walk in bathtub is one item that can make any bathroom safer, especially for seniors.  A door in the side of the bathtub and a low step allow easy entry and exit into and out of a walk in bath.  This does away with the need to lift your leg over a high bathtub side wall.  Many walk in bathtubs come with hand bars that provide additional support for those who find it difficult to get up from a sitting position.  The controls are within close reach, and the door handle is easy to close. 

Walk in bathtubs come with many optional features available and in various sizes.  Some tubs offer warm air massage for a relaxing, therapeutic aspect to bathing.  Others offer ozone sterilization systems to eliminate the risk of infectious bacteria. It can be difficult to choose the best walk in bathtub for your needs with so many different models on the market.

Some things to consider when shopping for walk in tubs

Walk in tub cost: The price of a walk in bathtubs can range from $3000 to $15,000. though, you should be able to buy a walk in bathtub that will fit your needs.

Is the walk in bathtub safety certified? In the United States walk in bathtubs should be certified to safety standards.

Who will install your walk in tub? Just like any regular bathroom remodeling, a good contractor will be able to install your walk in bathtub.

What is it made from? Most high quality walk in bathtubs are made of  acrylic for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Size considerations: Sizes vary from space-saving models that hold as much water as a regular bathtub, to much larger models that hold a lot more water and multiple bathers. For large models, you will need to determine if a second water heater may be necessary. Because, most bathrooms are fairly small, larger models may not be a good fit for most homes.

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Door swing: The door swing can depend on the size of the tub. Inward swing doors need more room inside the tub. You will also need more room once you are in the walk in tub to maneuver around the door to get in or out. Outward swing doors allow for a smaller bathtub, use less water, and exclude the need to maneuver around the door to enter or exit the tub. 

Why does it have an dual drains? Some walk in bathtubs can have dual drains. This allows the tub to drain the water much faster and prevents you from having to wait a long time to exit the bath.

Step-in Height: This can vary between models and the installation of the tub. Some baths require the bather to step up more than others to enter the bathtub. There are models that have a low step in height, which makes the access easier.

Door Closure: There are several door closure systems for walk in bathtubs. Some have a small lever or handle and others may have button to close the door. A longer handle closures can give the bather more leverage to open and close the door.

Walk In Tub Features and Options: Tubs can even come with luxury features such as Micro-bubbles, Bluetooth stereo, in-line heaters to keep the temperature constant, anti-scalding devices, aromatherapy functions, water and air jets to give a whirlpool jetted spa like experience, providing a massage that will help with sore joints and muscles.

There are a lot of different options available in walk in bathtubs.  Air or water massage systems are two of the more popular optional features that you can get with a walk in bathtub. Many assisted living residents will look for walk in bathtubs at the facility when choosing a home.  These custom bathtubs offer an added level of safety in the bathroom.  Additionally, walk in bathtubs are therapeutic and relaxing. This reduces the anxiety of potential falls and accidents while in the process give the benefit of good hygiene.

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