Avoiding Water Leaks through Walk-In Tub Hand Shower Mixers – Must Read!

Hand Shower Mixer

Hand Shower Mixer

The Ella Standard Faucet set comes with an array of accessories. One such accessory is the hand shower mixer. The hand shower mixer has a sleek, hand-picked design and comes with a 5′ retractable hose. This is great for keeping warm while your bathtub fills up, however it is not ideal for wall mounting as water can potentially drip down the hose and into the deck mount where it will settle behind your bathtub. The hose extension is the perfect solution for this problem. It gives you extra hose length and it plugs the hole in the deck mount to prevent water leaking into it. This allows the customer to wall mount hand shower mixer where ever they choose. Follow the steps below to properly install an extension hose.

No Barrel Extension

Water from the hose can drip down into the hand shower base and get behind your tub without the barrel protection.

The extension hose should come with a barrel and two rubber washers. Notice that there are two different gaskets on each end. The more cylindrical gasket is meant to be fastened to the shower head and the other gasket should be fastened to the deck mount hose.

UnScrew Hand Shower Mixer

1) Start by unscrewing your shower head mixer from the hose.

Tighten Barrel

2) Next take your stainless steel barrel and screw it on the end of the hose.

Tighten Extension

3) Take your extension hose and screw the end to the opposite side of the barrel.

Barrel Attached

This is what the hose and extension hose look like after both have been fastened to the barrel.

barrel protectionPlace the barrel in the shower base to plug the hole.

Shower Head Screw On

5) Finally, screw on the shower head mixer to the other end of the extension hose.

Installation Complete

6) You now have a shower head that can be mounted to the wall wherever you choose without having to worry about water leakage.

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