Here Are Some Signs It’s Time for a Walk-In Tub

5 Reasons Why Walk-in Tubs Aren’t Just For The Elderly

Have you recently noticed that it’s getting a lot harder to step into and out of your bathtub? Did you once enjoy taking long and relaxing baths, but no longer can due to not being able to get comfortable? An Ella walk-in tub is a great solution for these needs and much more!

As time passes by and your body begins to age, a walk-in tub might be exactly what you need to continue bathing in comfort and to remain aging gracefully in the comfort of your home. Just because age wears down on our bodies, it doesn’t mean that we have to give up our independence and move into a care facility. Ella’s Bubbles wants you to have the ability to enter and exit from our walk-in tubs without the help of someone else.

This is why it’s so important for you to know when it’s time to purchase your own walk-in tub. Continue reading below for the top 4 signs that you need to be aware of!

1. You Have Difficulty Walking Over Your Bathtub’s Sides

Lifting your legs over the edge of a bathtub can become increasingly difficult as your body ages, or if you are bound to a wheelchair that may not even be an option for you. It can put a strain not only on your mental state but on your physical state as well. You don’t want to feel as though you can’t take a bath on your own.

Walk-in tubs were designed to help those who can’t step over their bathtubs on their own. Our tubs have unique inward swing and outward swing doors that open on one side and allows you to enter by only having to go over a very small step-in threshold. Along with the easy step into the tub, the floors are textured to prevent slips and falls from happening in the bathroom.

These walk-in tubs also have a comfortable seat located inside of them for easy resting as soon as you enter the tub.

Here Are Some Signs It’s Time For A Walk-in Tub

2. You Need a More Comfortable Space

You may have loved taking baths before in the past. But as you got older, it became harder for you to sit down inside of the tub and then stand back up. Not only did it become harder for you to do this, but it also became too uncomfortable for you to manage on your own.

Walk-in tubs provide a more comfortable space for those who are currently using them. The seat located inside of these tubs is raised high enough to where you won’t have to bend far or get down too low. It’s similar to sitting in a chair at the dinner table. In addition, our tubs come in various models and sizes. You have the ability to find a tub that is the perfect size for you, for your specific needs, and your bathroom space.

Many of these tubs even come with heated seat and back technology along with several jetting packages. Some of those packages might include Air and Hydro massage jets, Hydro + Independent Foot Massage, Infusion Microbubble Therapy, and even a soaking option. The hydrotherapy and air jets take comfort to a whole new level! You’ll begin to feel as though you’re in a luxury spa when taking a bath in your own home.

These jets work well to pinpoint stress points within your body, which is ideal for recovering from an illness in a quick manner. Our tubs even include a removable shower head that you can pull down and use to wash your hair and body without much effort. In addition, these tubs come with a therapeutic LED Chromatherapy light which allows you to fixate on a single color or have a constant changing light illuminating the water.

Here Are Some Signs It’s Time For A Walk-in Tub

3. Your Old Tub Is Outdated with Excessive Repairs

Older bathtubs can become stained from cleaning chemicals as well as from the overuse. If you’ve tried to clean stains such as mildew stains or soap scum stains, and they won’t clean, then you know it’s time for a new tub. Not only do these stains look bad, but they’re also bad for your health as they’re breeding grounds for nasty bacteria.

If your old tub is either outdated, filled with excessive repairs, or both, then it’s time to buy a new one. When it’s time to get rid of an old bathtub and purchase a new one, it’s the perfect time to consider buying an Ella walk-in tub. If you need or want to buy a new tub anyway, then why not make the transformation then?!

Stop wasting your time calling the plumber each month to have something fixed. Replace your old bathtub with a new walk-in tub, and you won’t have to worry about making those repairs any longer.

Here Are Some Signs It’s Time For A Walk-in Tub

4. You Don’t Want a Complete Remodel

If you’re looking for a new bathroom setup but aren’t wanting to spend your money into a bathroom remodel, then a walk-in tub is no doubt the best choice. Installing one of these tubs does not require you to have an entire bathroom remodel. The installation, in most cases, only takes a day or two and the walk-in tub is installed to match the exact footprint of your old tub. These tubs can either be free-standing, put into a corner, or into a standard 60″ alcove.

As your mobility needs change over time, you might begin to realize that making adjustments to your home is vital for keeping your independence and overall comfort. However, you won’t have to make any big changes to your bathroom setup once you install your new Ella walk-in tub! Your new tub will allow you to have all of the independence you need without having to make any drastic changes or having to hire special assistance.

It’s also a great help in keeping you in your own home where you can feel safe and comfortable. You’ll no longer need to worry about the need to live in an assisted living home.


Are You Ready to Purchase Your Own Walk-in Tub?

After reading through this guide, we hope that you now have a better understanding of the signs to look for when it’s time to purchase a walk-in tub. Knowing these signs is the best way to ensure that you purchase your own tub when the timing is right.

Are you ready to purchase your own Ella walk-in tub? Don’t wait any longer to provide yourself with the comfort and independence that you need. Contact us today for a free estimate and to see how we can help you find the walk-in tub of your dreams!

The Walk-in Tub That I Was Looking For

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