Walk In Bath for Seniors Prices

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Walk In Bathtubs for Seniors Prices Can Vary Depending on a Number of Options and Variables.

On average, homeowners pay a wide range of prices for professionally installed walk-in bathtubs depending on the installation variables and the features included with the tub.

Benefits of Installing a Walk-In Tub for Seniors & Handicap:

  • Accessibility, especially for limited mobility.
  • Slip prevention measures: textured floor, seat, and handle bars.
  • Can raise home value in elderly communities.
  • Therapeutic options through air and water jets.


Walk in tubs have doors to allow you to avoid stepping over the ledge of the bathtub. Installation will require plumbing, and possibly some remodeling of your bathroom.  That’s why it’s best left to professionals. A professional walk in tub installer can also help you choose between models and can advise you on issues that may have to be addressed depending on the layout of your bathroom.

Off White Transfer30 Wheelchair Accessible Walk-in Bathtub – 30″w X 52″l (76cm X 132cm)

Walk-In Bathtub Prices by Type

Anyone with mobility issues needs the ability to walk into their bathtub to avoid slipping and falling.  Most walk in tubs range in price for the unit alone. The options you choose depend on your needs and budget.

Standard Walk-In Tub Prices

The most basic unit is similar to a standard bathtub, except with a door in its side. It also fits in most regular bathrooms. However, it does not offer many of the features and benefits now available in walk in tubs.

A Seated Shower

Most walk in tubs come with a shower head sprayer with a retractable hose. This allows you to easily shower while in the seated position. It adds versatility for those with limited mobility.

2 Person Walk In Tub

Larger 2 person walk in tubs are available for an additional price. They can allow you to stretch out your legs in the tub, which most other models do not accommodate. However, it is an added cost and might not fit into your bathroom without a remodel.  Additionally two people can bathe at the same time, but it is also significantly bigger than a regular unit.

Hydrotherapy Water Jets

For an additional price, you can get a unit that massages you while bathing. Water jet tubs are powerful and offer a variety of pressure options. 

Massage Air Jets

A walk in tub that comes with air jets allows for a softer and gentler massage treatment . Using air instead of water jets is helpful for blood circulation and relaxation. The pressure is lower than with water massage jets.

Handicap-Accessible Walk In Tubs

A handicap-accessible walk in tub can cost more. It is typically wider than other units to ease access. Most units are wheelchair accessible.

Off White Transfer30 Wheelchair Accessible Walk-in Bathtub – 30″w X 52″l (76cm X 132cm)Walk In Tub Price Comparison by Manufacturer

The brand you choose can impact the type of unit you get. Common brands differ in warranty, price, features and options.

Low Price and Wholesale Units

Look to hire a professional as soon as you know you need a walk-in tub. Buying the product from the professional dealer can lead to lower unit prices. Consider the walk in tub and installation a package deal. The full budget of the installation can likely be less costly.

Average Installation Cost & Factors

The total cost to install a walk-in tub includes a number of factors. The unit price itself. Variables like the space, type of tiling, and features also add up.

Walk In Tub Installation & Labor Prices

The price can vary if you need to change the plumbing, remodel the bathroom, or upgrade the water heater in your home.

Walk In Tub Space and Size

If it doesn’t fit into your current bathroom, plan to go with a larger budget. If you need to change the layout or ceiling height, you may have to remodel your bathroom. The walk in tub unit itself might also require new pipes or plumbing. Installing larger pipes can lead to faster drainage. These considerations are can be important for nonstandard sizes and jet features.

Bathroom Tiling

Expenses for installing ceramic or porcelain tile range in price. Tiling is not always necessary. It can help to integrate the unit into the bathroom walls or add a tub surround.

Hydrotherapy Massage Jets & Other Features

Expect to spend more for a unit that has additional features  to accommodates your needs beyond the basics. Hydrotherapy massage jets and other features should be part of the product you choose, not added individually to a basic tub.

Converting From a Shower To a Tub

If you have already installed a shower, you might be thinking about converting it to a walk-in bath tub. This can be difficult, because the sizes are not always the same. You may need a custom installation, with prices typically varying in cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace & Repair a Walk-In Bathtubs?

Replacing your walk in tub with one of comparable size and shape ranges in price including labor. As your unit ages, you may  want to replace it. Assorted sizes and features can increase the cost.

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