Ella’s Bubbles is Debunking Common Walk-In Tub Myths

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With the increasing popularity of walk-in tubs, there is a lot of information out there, presenting both the pros and cons of installing one.

Ella's Bubbles Is Debunking Common Walk-in Tub Myths

As more aging seniors and people with mobility loss consider walk-in tubs, they’re taking to the internet to research the best and safest ways to continue bathing in the comfort of their own homes. Like any research for new home amenities, there are a variety of pros and cons for the different products and brands available.

Door leaks are perhaps one of the first and most important myths of walk-in tubs. Considering traditional tubs provide a solid shell in which water cannot escape, the fact that walk-in tubs feature a removable swinging door may cause pause, as a leak could lead to water damage, and dangerous slippery floors.

At Ella’s Bubbles, walk-in tub doors are designed with water tight features like pressurized leak proof seals that lock into place, not just lightly closing like the average swinging door. In addition, Ella’s Bubbles provides a lifetime warranty and since the doors are removable, there isn’t any issue with replacing them. To relieve any additional anxiety, inward swinging doors are most commonly used since the pressure of the water inside the tub creates an even stronger pressure seal from which water cannot seep through.

Ella's Bubbles Is Debunking Common Walk-in Tub Myths

Another common myth surrounding walk-in tubs in the amount of time they take to fill. The idea of long fill times can cause anxiety not only because of the waiting, but also because of the fear of getting chills while waiting for the comfort of being surrounded by relaxing warm water. Although time to fill a tub varies based on available water pressure and tub size, Ella’s Bubbles walk in tubs can be equipped with fast fill faucets that greatly reduce fill times. In addition, Ella’s Bubbles offers accessories like heated seats and backrests to add some extra warmth while the tub fills.

“Our engineers work hard to continually improve our tub designs based on feedback and evolving technologies that increase ease, comfort, and safety,” says Laimonis Magone, CEO, Ella’s Bubbles. “While there’s sometimes a basis for the reasons walk-in tub myths exists, it’s our mission at Ella’s to design a product that delivers peace of mind and body.”

When bath time is over, the time it takes for a walk-in tub to drain is also a commonly talked about topic. Similar to fill time myths, people worry about getting cold while waiting for the tub to drain, since the door cannot be opened until the tub is emptied. Heated seats and backrests can help, but when the body is wet, the desire to dry off and stay warm is urgent. Ella’s Bubbles has tackled this issue with an innovative feature called Dual Drain Technology, which utilizes two gravity driven drains. Gravity driven means that there is no external power source required to increase drain time. In ideal plumbing conditions, that means that draining an Ella’s walk-in tub can be accomplished in under two minutes.

Ella's Bubbles Is Debunking Common Walk-in Tub Myths

For those considering safer bathing, research is essential. Not all brands take into consideration many of the cons associated owning a walk-in tub. To learn more about walk-in tubs and the latest features in safety and comfort visit EllasBubbles.com.