Infusion Microbubble Therapy Walk-In Bathtubs Now Available Online from Ella’s Bubbles

4 Ways A Walk-in Tub Helps Rejuvenate Mental And Physical Well-being In Seniors

Ella’s Bubbles is pleased to announce the exclusive online availability of their industry-leading Infusion™ Microbubble walk-in bathtubs featuring Infusion Microbubble Therapy, the patented technology poised to revolutionize the bathing industry.

Infusion MicroBubble Therapy, a process which introduces billions of microscopic bubbles into the bath water, increases oxygen content by up to 50% and envelops the body with all-natural, non-toxic effervescence. The bursting of these tiny bubbles against the skin has numerous proven restorative and cleansing properties. Deep-set dirt and dead skin are forced to the surface, cleaning the skin deeply without the use of soaps or cleansers that can sometimes do more damage than good.

Stimulated by tiny bubble-bursts, the skin comes out toned, rejuvenated, and healed, erasing many of the effects of aging. In fact, a recent study revealed that 78% of participants reported up to 10% increase in skin smoothness. The microbubble bubble-bursts also trigger skin responses that relax the muscles and release calming chemicals in the brain than can have a soothing effect.

Additionally, the process of Infusion MicroBubble Therapy increases the water temperature by one degree Fahrenheit per hour, resulting in a bath that stays warmer longer, rather than cooling quickly to room temperature or requiring more hot water be added.

Previously only available with the addition of pumping devices to pre-existing tubs, the introduction of pre-equipped standalone walk-in tubs makes it easier than ever to include Infusion MicroBubble Therapy into your regular bathing routine, especially for people suffering from mobility problems.

The new standalone Infusion MicroBubble Therapy tubs come with everything Ella’s Bubbles customers have come to expect, like gravity-driven two-inch Dual Drain Technology ensuring speedy and reliable drainage and other optional features including heated seats and backrests, Chromatherapy and Ozone Sterilization, patented 360-degree swivel tray, and removable or adjustable headrests or neck supports.

Ella’s Bubbles truly raises the bar in the walk-in bathtub industry, with a host of options for every lifestyle. Tub models are available with inward or outward swinging doors, with seating options for both one or two people. Wheelchair-accessible tubs are available as well. Tubs are constructed from the highest-quality acrylic over a rust-proof stainless steel frame. Acrylic is a vastly superior material to a gel coating, with a sparkling, nonporous mold and mildew resistant finish. While retaining their brilliant sheen far longer than lower-quality porous gel coated models, Ella’s Bubbles walk-in tubs are built for beauty and durability.

Ella’s Bubbles network of authorized resellers and installation experts can work with any bathroom renovation project. We work with homeowners, nursing and care homes, hospitals, commercial clients, hotels and the hospitality industry, and any other institutions committed to creating a superior bathing experience. Please call 800-480-6850 or contact Ella’s Bubbles online for a free quote and the information you need to turn your walk-in bathtub vision a reality.