Will My Insurance Pay For a Walk-In Tub?

Elite Walk-in Tub – 30″ X 52″ (76cm X 132cm)

The question of whether your insurance will pay for a walk-in tub is not a simple one; rather, it greatly depends on how you approach the issue and the measures you take. A walk In Tub is a helpful and instrumental piece of equipment, which makes bath-time easier, especially for elderly persons with medical conditions. Adults with aging parents will find a walk-in tub highly valuable because of its health and physical benefits. Walk-in tubs are quite expensive, and that is why you should consider seeking the services of your insurance company to cover the costs. An insurance company can come in handy to relieve you of the financial burden associated with purchasing a walk-in tub, but you need to be prepared with the necessary information and details to justify your claim.

Off White Transfer30 Wheelchair Accessible Walk-in Bathtub – 30″w X 52″l (76cm X 132cm)

Convincing Your Insurance Company to Pay

As you probably know, getting an insurance company to pay for a walk-in tub is not an easy task. So, it’s prudent for you to have relevant and credible information that can help your company consider your request. If the walk-in tub is highly needed as a requirement for treatment, the doctor in charge of your case should make it known to your insurance company that it is necessary for his patient. The doctor will be highly resourceful in making a strong case supporting the need for an in-house walk-in tub. For an elderly person with a medical concern and the need for constant monitoring, your insurance company should be persuaded to consider paying for the much-needed equipment.

Ensure You Have the Basic Information about the Equipment

Off White Transfer30 Wheelchair Accessible Walk-in Bathtub – 30″w X 52″l (76cm X 132cm)

You should ensure that you have the necessary details about the walk-in tub you need your insurance company to cover the cost of. You will increase your chances of convincing your insurer to cover the costs needed if you know exactly what you want. For example, get to know the price, safety features, and the therapeutic benefits of the walk-in tub you are interested in. Make sure that your information is credible; any fault in detail might ruin the chances of your insurance paying for the walk-in tub. It is advisable to get the facts right and be honest.

Meet With Your Insurance Agent

After getting the relevant recommendation from your doctor and having the necessary information about the walk-in tub you need, it’s highly advisable that you meet with your insurance agent to discuss the possibility of your insurance paying for the equipment. Meeting with your agent is better than calling because you will be able to discuss the matter in detail and weigh the options and suggestions brought forth. During the meeting, ask any relevant questions. Never assume that a certain thing is covered, instead, ask a direct question.

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