Full Body Immersion Walk-in Bathtubs

Lounger Outward Swing Door Walk-in Tub – 27″w X 60″l (69cm X 152cm)

My mother’s been living with my husband and me for the past ten years. She was 70 when she first moved in. After an accident when she was 76, one of Ella’s walk-in tubs really changed things for us! My mom was old but was one of those people who stayed in remarkably good shape, even exercising every morning.

The older she got, the more difficult things became, though, and since we were so used to her always being in great health it caught us off guard. One (horrible!) day she slipped while getting into the shower and hit her head. Fortunately, it was a weekend and so we were home and heard her through the door.

The doctor determined the injury was not too serious and, after prescribing some medication, told us we needed to make changes. I felt pretty guilty for overlooking this – my mom seemed much younger than she was, but of course she was going to have problems, being in her mid-to-late 70s! Actually, I think my husband suggested at least getting grab bars to her once but she dismissed the idea…I think she was maybe embarrassed to admit she might need them.

In the days after that incident, we found Ella’s Bubbles, which put a fun twist on the whole “walk-in bathtub” thing, online. Since she had her fall while attempting to climb over the shower wall, it made sense to go for a walk-in tub. We also got some grab bars, just in case she ever lost her balance while actually in there.

We got an Ella walk-in tub for her – I figured she might have trouble standing for long amounts of time as she got older, so why not? She loves baths too but had mostly been taking showers beforehand.

After the accident, my mom completely agreed with us and the doctor that changes were in order. We decided to go for the ultimate dual massage model walk-in tub. The great thing about this walk-in tub is that they don’t just help with safety, they’re super comfortable! I guess it’s due to the acrylic. The model we got also came with a few features like air and hydro massage options. I’ll be honest; I’ve tried it out a couple of times. It also came with the Microbubble therapy which my mom is convinced helps out her skin. I don’t know, but it feels great.

I’ve read that stress reduction is important for seniors to keep up their health, and I think my mom using this once a day has definitely helped up with that. She’s one of those old-school, fairly high-strung people, so she could use it!

Overall, I’m highly satisfied with our new walk-in tub – enough that I wanted to write a review about it. I pretty much never write online reviews. Ella’s Bubbles was quick to answer any questions we had about using the tub, though it’s pretty self-explanatory. After what happened, it’s no joke to say that this tub has not only increased my mom’s quality of life but possibly her life expectancy, too!

To anyone on the fence about a walk-in tub – it’s a good idea! Senior accidents like what my mom experienced are super common, but they don’t need to be. Better to nip any potential problems in the bud, and an investment in your family’s safety is well worth it.