Ella’s Bubbles Ultra Walk-In Bathtub

Warm Water Baths In Ella’s Bubbles Walk-in Tubs Can Help Aid In Injury Recovery And Pain Management

I knew the Ultra Walk-In Tub was one of a kind from the first time I saw it. It turned out to be just that, designed for ultimate comfort and convenience. I liked the low step-in threshold to a stainless steel towel bar. No tub has ever felt comfier and personalized. But I was just getting to know the Ultra. Now there is so much more that I like about this model.

The tub is sleek and stylish. It is designed with stainless steel and glass panes that blend in well with my modern décor. My bath experience is transformed—getting into this tub is something that I look forward to every day.

From the looks of it, every design detail gears towards safety. I like the super low step-in threshold and a slip-resistant floor, both of which significantly reduce the risk of accidents. They have added grab bars that further help with balance and safety.

The towel bar is rightly placed for effortless usability. I find that the adjustable leveling legs on the acrylic shell make for a sturdier and safer bathing mecca.

Knowing how some appliances are designed to frustrate service and repairs? This one has two removable panels that I think could help with easier access to the underlying components when it’s time for repairs.

Unlike the other hot tubs that I have used, the drainage here is quicker, safer, and more reliable. The designers have dubbed it Dual Drain Technology (DDT). I was able to drain my tub in under 90 seconds. The drainage function uses gravity, so it works without power.

The tub features a unique hydromassage system configuration. My model has an in-line water heater, ozone sterilization, and intensity dials. There are push-button controls that make it easier to tune to the right strength of the water stream for unmatched relaxation.

My wife loves the hydro jets and the way they are placed. 10 jets give you the backrub you so much deserve after a hard day. The other four are designed to hit the sweet spot on the feet and calves.

And we never worry about cleaning because the tub can stay cleaner for longer, unassisted. The ozone sterilization feature helps to rid the tub of all bacteria.

The Ellas Bubbles Ultra Walk-In Tub uses an in-line water heater to guarantee a pleasurable hot tub experience. The air massage system has 3-speed settings. 16 jet systems are once again strategically placed for the best comfort, relief, and pleasure.

The air massage system has an auto-purge function. It removes water from the air jet lines and prevents mildew buildup, leading to a cleaner, fresher, and safer bathing experience.

When I first stepped into it, I was blown away by the billions of bubbles. The tub has an ultra-walk-in tub that uses Infusion™ Microbubble Therapy technology that breaks down water into countless bubbles. These bubbles make my bathtub a happier place with better moisturizing, exfoliation, and stress relief.

I genuinely believe that the Ellas Bubbles Ultra Walk-In Tub is a game-changer in the bathtub industry. The company has excellent customer service too. Get one of these for an uncompromising and relaxing bathing experience. Call 800-480-6850 or reach Ella’s Bubbles online for any questions or FREE pricing information.