Are Walk in Tubs Dangerous?

How To Choose A Walk In Bathtub

Walk-In Tubs: Are They Safe To Use

If you are looking for a new tub for your bathroom, then you might have come across a type of tub known as a walk-in tub.

What is a walk-in tub? Walk-in tubs, also called accessible or step-in tubs, are a new style of baths that are typically used for people who have disabilities or for people who have mobility issues. Besides the tub itself, they often are installed with grab bars and hand grips which aid the person by raising or lowering themselves while they are entering or exiting the tub.

If you are disabled, it can be advised to get a walk-in tub to make bathing safer and easier, but are they dangerous?

Are Walk-In Tubs Dangerous?

In short, walk-in tubs aren’t dangerous except for two exceptions. A walk-in tub’s water depth is equal to a shallow swimming pool or a hot tub. With that being said, the water can be too deep for small children. If you have a child that is disabled, a walk-in tub may not be a safe solution.

Walk-in tubs can also be dangerous for a person who has extremely limited mobility and would need assistance from someone else while bathing. They could suffer the risk of slipping under water and drowning if they can not lift themselves out on their own.

It is recommend for seniors living and bathing alone to have a phone within reach incase of an emergency where they can not get out of the tub if the tub was unable to drain for any reason.

Other than these situations, walk-in tubs are very safe to use. At Ella’s Bubbles, we can help you find the perfect walk-in tub for your home. We bring our customers a variety of walk-in tubs that are safe, therapeutic, and loaded with features. We have a variety of different walk-in tubs for you to choose from. In addition to walk-in tubs, we also sell a wide assortment of accessories such as a walk-in bathtub glass screen doors, shower columns, microbubble kits and more. Ella’s Bubbles also sells regular bathtubs, showers and even pet-spas for bathing animals. Feel free to contact us on the phone or online for any questions about the products we offer.