How much does it cost to remove a walk-in tub?

Here Are Some Signs It’s Time For A Walk-in Tub

A bath is a beautiful and relaxing experience and is an excellent way to end your day. You can enjoy a hydro massage while reading a good book or sipping a glass of your favorite wine. If you have joint or aches pain, it can help relieve them. It is therefore essential that older adults should be able to enjoy a soothing bath as often and possible.

Ella’s Bubbles brings you walk in bathtubs with exclusive features for older adults. They are made with acrylic and offer many unique designs. Ella’s Bubbles wants to ensure that older adults enjoy a relaxing bath and a safe, therapeutic experience.

Ella’s Bubbles was established in 2005 and offers clients many marvelous walk-in baths at great prices with excellent safety features. We also provide the best in customer service for our clients. Ella’s Bubbles believes in providing customer satisfaction not only with products but also service. That is why a team of customer support experts is always available to help with problems and guide you to use your bathtub.

Our team also includes a nationwide network of installers and certified resellers who are ready to help you get the best walk-in bathtub for your home. If you are looking to install a new walk-in bathtub, make sure that you call us for free pricing information. You can also contact Ella’s Bubbles online.

Walk-in bathtubs available from Ella’s Bubbles work not only for the home but also for hotels, hospitals, and nursing homes. Older adults can enjoy a safe bath without ever needing help to get out or worrying about slipping. Our design team makes use of high-quality materials while keeping our prices pocket-friendly. They are passionate about design and create innovative bathtub solutions.

Our bathtubs, are available with our state-of-the-art Infusion® MicroBubble Therapy, among other innovative technologies. Depending on your preferences, we also have two-seat bathtubs and a unique swivel tray. Our bathtubs are available with hydro foot massage jets that help you relax and relieve foot discomfort. Foot massages improve blood circulation, promote sleep, reduce foot swelling and improve your mood.

How to Remove a Walk-in Tub

If you need to remove a walk in tub, we recommend that you call a  plumbing specialists who can help you do it correctly. They have all the necessary tools for the job and have received training on tub installation and removal. If you are looking to replace a walk-in bathtub with an ordinary bathtub, we can help you. We stock several state-of-the-art regular bathtubs with hydro and air massage jets to ensure that all our customers get the modern luxury features that are popular and available in our walk-in tubs.

How much does it cost to remove a walk-in tub?

A professional plumber in your area can remove your walk-in bathtub for around $500-1000, but if you want to do it yourself, begin by shutting off the water and draining the bathtub completely. You then need to remove all tub hardware, including faucets and disconnect pipe adaptors. Diverse faucet handle types, for instance, require different tools to remove. It is advisable to use an Allen wrench when removing lever-style faucet handles and a Phillips screwdriver to remove other faucet types. When you do this, use caution to ensure that your wall is not damaged in the process.

You will also need to remove drain covers and drain pipes. That requires some skill and tools that you may not have in your home, and that is why you should hire a professional. After that, you need to remove any screws securing the tub to the wall and cut away the caulk. You can then pry the bathtub off your wall. When you hire a professional, they can explain the process to you before they begin. If you have any questions, our professional team will take the time to answer them.

Once the tub is removed you may be able to sell it used on ebay or craigslist.

Ella walk in bathtubs are designed for older adults and offer safety, comfort, and therapeutic value. If you are interested in purchasing a walk in bathtub for yourself or a member of your family, contact us at 800-480-6850 or online to get free pricing information.